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Renee ModelActorPhotography

Renee ModelActorPhotography

Photographer Los Angeles, United States
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About me

Hello my name is Renee, I am the photographer and owner of Model Actor Photography. I truly have been a photographer since I was a child. I remember in grade school, I used to sneak out of the house, in my school bag, my mother’s Kodak 110 camera. I took pictures of everything from my friends to the sky. Boy did I get into some serious trouble when my mom realized I “wasted” her film, ha-ha. I continued to study photography through my high school education. Neither my mother, father or myself realized then that through education along with trial and error, I would become a passionate professional photographer.

Over the last 16 years I’ve produced successful campaigns that capture the allure of personality and creating dynamic and lasting visual effect. As a veteran fashion, commercial (advertising) and editorial photographer, I have assembled a creative team that specializes in fashion, commercial (advertising) and editorial campaign development. Translating clients’ needs, identity, and message by bringing to fruition a concept from idea to end design.

My team and I creatively thrive at the intersection where the science of marketing meets artistic collaboration to help clients produce successful campaigns that resonate with their target markets and have lasting branding impact.

For more information, check out Renee's website: (website removed)

My Digits: 213.804.1710

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