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Fashion Stylist San Diego, United States
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About me

Born Derrick Howard and raised in Jersey City, Nj with a love of art for many years. Studied many forms of art and found his way into creating garments for characters for his short stories. Soon found his love for fashion through video games and Anime and went to school to complete his education at the Art Institute of NY and found his way to San Diego to create a fashion foundation. A wise man said to him once, "simplcity can be the most complex idea to create" Which I find to be true. Ryura Design was born on this idea, to have simple looks And feeling good with what you wear. We are looking to bring it back to basics. Working with a dark but also rich flavorful array or colors and textures. Inspired by the outspoken mixed with traditional Japanese style and splash of goth he is looking to make his place in the fashion world
The flow of the wind, the sharpness of a sword, The beauty of the female body the richness of colors and the texture of fabric to the deep dark feelings of death.

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