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SA Sheffield

SA Sheffield

Photographer Jacksonville, United States
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About me

One thing about being on Model Management, you either know the rules or get played for a fool. That being said let's talk about TFPs. I don't mind helping an up and coming model improve their portfolio but just don't try to play me for a fool. I give 12 images of my choice sent via e-mail unless you bring your own disk. You may bring as many outfits as you can stand but if you are a slow changer I suggest only three. I will not retouch for nor give extra photos for free because this is a business and it cost me to do this so I will look for a chance to sell you something. However for those who think this is an opportunity to get over remember I will place my logo and name on each photo for credit. Each model must sign a release form.

Sometimes I meet models that know more than I do and that is cool, but If am trying my best to create a concept it's a good chance I won't hear much from the model that tells me how to do my job. I am not arrogant but I am hard on myself about the outcome of my work. I have only one pet model (she know who she is) that shoot with me anytime. Hope everyone understand this profile because I am too old for game and I wish to be of some help before I leave this earth. I am a visionary artist that want every person I come in contact with to have beautiful images of them selves. Last but not least, I would love to get to know the person I am to work with so we can talk, plan and feel each other spirit.

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