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Photographer New Delhi, India
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About me

TASVEER is Delhi/Mumbai based studio & photography company with a large number of experienced and dedicated photographers. We provide a full production service from pre production, production, post production and renting out of studios and equipment.

With over 20 years of experience in the business, clients are assured of professional services, from a warm and hospitable staff.

In studio or on Location. With fully equipped digital photo studios and expert Photographers, we provide complete production solution from experienced and capable Producers to Stylists, Make-up artists, talent search, location hunting, prop specialists and specialised stylists, who can handle the most complex & challenging assignments in the studio as well as on locations any where in the world.

Production support/Studio & Equipment rental:
We are a fully equipped production house with our own state of the art studios and high end equipment. We have 6 spacious Studios which are also available for hire by clients and individual photographers from any part of the world. This is also augmented with supporting technical and creative teams and local support services including additional equipment, support staff, and organizing of transport and accommodation.

At TASVEER, we have our own in-house Digital Image editing unit comprising a large team of experienced high end digital artists as well as possibility of collaborating with other post production outfits.

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