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Thierry Dehove

Available for work in:

  • The Valley, Anguilla

From Paris and Bordeaux to the Caribbean, Canada, and United States, with plenty of stops along the way worldwide, to create the photographic images that inspire, influence, and, in some cases, even ignite emotion. Trained in Paris and recognized worldwide, I specialize in photography for industry leading brands and publications. With a flair for capturing engaging and memorable images of luxury real estate, yachts, resorts, and travel destinations, I am a vitally important asset to those who sell to high net-worth clientele. By combining my eye for detail and deep technical expertise, I communicate value and quality in a unique way that has enabled me to work with clients including Conde Nast Traveler, Maco Magazine, Just Luxe NY, Health Beauty NJ, Carimo, Kiteboarding Magazine . These images have graced covers of leading magazines, along with providing valuable, persuasive impact for both print and online marketing tools. As a photographer, I work directly with clients to translate their goals and objectives into images that combine the relevant information with the emotion that they wish to evoke.

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