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Christian modeling agencies: Does modeling conflict with Christian values?

A question on some young aspiring models' mind: Does modeling conflict with Christian values? While some schools of thought do point out that a true Christian should not associate themselves with modeling work, others see no problem with mixing the two. If you are in doubt, Christian modeling agencies might give you answers.

Christian Talent Network, one of America's few Christian modelling agencies, claims to help models succeed in the modeling industry by offering advice from the Christian perspective. Christian Talent Network operates in New York and the goal of this Christian model agency is to provide model-hopefuls, who want to hold on to their Christian values, a pathway of information and council for pursuing opportunities in the challenging industry of modeling.

Christian modeling agencies tend to be run by professionals in the fashion industry who have combined their extensive experience to help others who are also faced with the problems associated with mixing a Christian way of life with the often opposing world of fashion and modeling. The information and guidance that Christian modeling agencies provide, comes from a particularly devout Christian perspective, and it can help many aspiring models to come to terms with the conflict of two different ways of life.

A Christian modeling agency operating in the UK, Models of Life (MOL), is unique because it is the first Christian model agency, or organization, operating in Britain. The main message and philosophy of Models of Life is the importance of Christian values in everything we do. The organization aims to make people aware that modeling is all about leading a good life and placing importance on inner beauty. MOL has affiliates in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the US, Canada, Australia and Europe, and its models have featured on catwalks around the world.

A model-hopeful who wants to hold on to his or her Christian values, while wanting a career in modeling, needs to come to an understanding about the difficulties they might face from a religious point of view. Ultimately, each person's religion remains a personal matter. But anyone interested in finding out more about Christian modeling and Christian modeling agencies, should check out Christian Talent Network and Models of Life for further information and guidance on how to proceed.

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