Fashion Studio

What is a fashion studio?

It's curious how often we might hear some terms being used, while not knowing fully what they stand for. One of those terms is 'fashion studio'. While many people claim to know what it means, when faced with a request for a further explanation, they are not able to conjure up an answer.

Generally, the term 'studio', refers to a place where any kind artist has his or her workspace. A studio could also mean a place where an artist and his employees work alongside each other. A fashion studio thereby refers to a place where fashion designers or fashion photographers conduct their work.

A fashion photography studio functions both as a workspace and a production area. As a workspace it provides a space to take, develop, print, and duplicate photographs, and as a production space it provides a space where the photographer can process all the photographs and organize the work for further production, be it for a magazine or another kind of publication.

A fashion designer's studio on the other hand is the space where a fashion designer designs and makes his/her clothes. As fashion designers work in a number of ways in designing clothing and accessories, you can find that a fashion studio might be utilized in different ways depending on the designer. Some fashion designers prefer to work alone while others perform best as part of a team. Fashion designers and the fashion studios that facilitate the making of their designs all contribute to the end-result. For that reason, fashion studios, where designers do their work, need to fully comply with what they are working on and spark some inspiration for their design work.

Fashion studios, as the name suggests, can be considered "offices" for artists, be it in the field of fashion design or photography. All major fashion houses hold fashion studios within them. Fashion studios could be considered the melting pots of all the behind-the-scenes action for cloth-making and fashion photography.

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