Hot Male Models

Who are the hot male models of the moment and what makes a model stand out from the rest?

There are a lot less male models compared to female models, and for that reason the competition for the top spot among male models is fierce. The modeling industry hires male models as they are needed. And considering that most fashion designers tend to design mostly women's fashion, a modeling career for a man remains a dream that often doesn't get fulfilled. Knowing what to do is the key for becoming one of the world's hot male models.

While there seems to be a rapid turnover of female models, the same does not apply to male models. The leading male models tend to hold the hot spot for much longer than female models do. For that reason, the hottest male models are the ones whose faces we have been seeing in several ad campaigns for high-fashion brands and products, worldwide.

If you want to know what it takes to become a hot male model, take a look at our list of the 20 hottest male models of the moment, and look at what they have and what you think might contribute to their hotness and their status as the most desired male models. One thing that's for sure is that each and every one of these hot male models is signed with the leading modeling agencies around the world. So in order to get the best kind of exposure as a model, you should contact lots of modeling agencies. The hot male models of the world have not reached their status overnight, so with determination and a bit of luck, you could be among the list of the world's leading hot male models before you know it.

Top 20 hot male models:

Baptiste Giabiconi
Sean O'Pry
Simon Nessman
David Agbodji
Clement Chabernaud
Lars Burmeister
Jon Kortajarena
Mathias Bergh
Ben Hill
Aiden Andrews
Adrien Sahores
Adrian Bosch
Mark Cox
Ollie Edwards
Jamie Dornan
Marcel Castenmiller
Nikola Jovanovic
Ryan Kennedy
Paolo Anchisi
Tomek Szczukiecki
Bastiaan Ninaber
Marlon Teixeira
Jacob Coupe
Josh Beech

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