International Models

What does it mean to be an international model?

Glamour, beauty, the jet-set life style, stunning resorts in Morocco or Timbuktu. Stylish hangouts in San Moritz and Cannes. Living in Paris and dining at the Chez Maxim Restaurant. Life in New York in a luxurious open-spaced beautiful apartment overlooking Central Park. Shopping on 5th or popping to Cartier's in Paris… The spas and yachts of Nice, Monte Carlo, Milan…

These are some of the images conjured when we hear the words International Model. In truth, it may not quite be as star-studded as we imagine but international models do travel, and get to see some of the most unusual and exotic parts of the world.

For those who modeling chooses, and who choose modeling as their career, plenty of arrivals and departures lie in store. Whether it's zipping off to a photo shoot, runway show or fashion week, one thing is for sure: modeling is one of the most international careers a guy or a girl can have. Successful models often find themselves literally living internationally, with bases in more than one country, and often on more than one continent.

Unless you live in New York, it's almost a given that to making it in the modeling world will mean heading to the Big Apple, the modeling capital of the world. You may be discovered in the most distant and remote of places, but if your face is to grace the glossiest mags and your legs are to stroll down the most star-trodden runways, New York is the place to be.

Flexibility, a valid passport, a clean toothbrush and a love of adventure are the best things any model aspiring to hit the big-time should bring with them to the job. In return, by way of souvenirs, international models can expect to see the world, make new friends, sample the truly exotic sights, sounds and flavors from around the globe and enjoy life as true world citizens.

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