Local Modeling Agencies

Finding a modeling agency closer to home

Although there is a multitude of modeling agencies on the Internet, it can also be worth checking out local modeling agencies in your area. Whether you live in a model metropolis such as London, New York, Paris or Milan or a smaller city or town, some models prefer simply calling and booking an appointment or going and knocking on the door at closer proximity to where they live.

Various online directories and modeling sites will enable you to run a search of the modeling agencies in your local area, and it's well worth checking out recommendations and reviews to save you time, money and energy and refine your search. You can also check out any of the agencies you find with Better Business Bureau to see if they have any complaints lodged against them. Always go with your instinct – and if something looks or smells fishy, run far and fast.

The benefit of using local modeling agencies as your first base is that you can see for yourself firsthand exactly what you're getting and so can they. We strongly recommend calling or emailing ahead of time to find out what any local agency's screening process consists of.

Many local modelling agencies will invite models to send a couple of pictures and then call back if they're interested in meeting them in person and interviewing them. Other local modeling agencies have open casting calls where models can just show up and take their comp cards, portfolios or snaps with them.

If you are offered a contract or a class with a local modeling agency, it's advisable not to sign anything without reading the small print first - you're well within your rights to take it away with you and say you'll get back to them when you've had a chance to read everything through. Any agency that insists you sign on the spot, however large or small, is liable to not be worth its salt and should be taken with a pinch of it.

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