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Model Agency Managers: What does it take to be the boss?

Being a model agency manager may sound like a dream job – traveling the world, booking beautiful models, attending international networking events, and living in the limelight. But believe it or not, being a successful model manager requires a lot of leg-work, meticulous organization and the ability to do a million things at once. Here's a quick whistle-stop tour of what being a model agency manager might entail:

Mr. or Ms Octopus

Telephones ringing, emails flying around, castings, cards and commitments – can you juggle? Being a model agency manager means multitasking and meeting problems with solutions and applying diplomacy and firmness where they're required.

Distinct Instinct

The right face, the right place, the right time. Can you match models to assignments? Can you discern who's going to be able to turn right on the runway or pout perfectly in front of the camera? Do you know who has the makings of a great stylist? Can you snap up a fab photographer in a heartbeat? Being a model agency manager is as much about gut instinct and a keen eye as it is about having a sharp brain.


Are you good with people? Do you excel at making contacts? Then you have half the battle won in the world of model management. Opportunity might be round the corner, or it might be right under your nose. A masterful model manager or manageress knows how to get themselves and their enterprise known.

Sense and Sensibility

A sense of humor is one of the greatest allies a model agency manager can have. Problems will inevitably arise, bridges will need to be crossed, and the ability to smile and soldier on is a hugely valuable asset – and what's more, your team and network will love you for it!

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