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Are you familiar with the service that modeling directories, such as, offer to models, modeling agencies, model scouts and professional photographers alike?

The purpose of a model directory is to act as a portal or a platform for new and established models to connect with the right industry professionals in order to pursue their careers as models. While these directories are the perfect tool for models to start networking with the right people, they also serve as a type of database or archive of models that allows scouts and photographers to browse through to find their desired model. is an online model directory, which lists an extensive and daily growing database of models, modeling agencies, photographers, and other organizations and professionals in the fashion and modeling industry around the world. The aim is to offer a web portal through which male and female models and other key people in the business can be found quickly and easily.

As a model, you can utilize modeling directories to find modeling agencies, photographers and model scouts. You can also go through a directory to see what type of models the model directory represents to see if they match with yourself and the type of modeling you are looking to do.

After you've found one or several reliable and respected modeling directories, it is advisable to create a profile in at least one the directories as it can serve as a portfolio for attaining potential modeling jobs and give you the best type of exposure as a model.

As a modeling agency, model scout or as a professional photographer, you can create a profile on a model directory, through which you can contact models and be contacted by other industry professionals who are looking to put together a fashion photo shoot or a fashion show.

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