Model, Model, Model!

Models make the world go round

What does the word model mean to you? Model, model, model – everyone wants one or wants to be one.

Models are the iconic beauty symbols of the modern age – they inadvertently teach us what to wear (and when), how to walk, how to smile, how to part our hair or apply our eyeliner and above all, how much first impressions count.

Whether you're buying a watch or a car, a new pair of shades or a glass of champagne, who smiles back at you from the TV, poster or magazine? Models, models, models…

Models come in all shapes and sizes – there's a model for everything and every occasion and the most famous models have reached almost God or Goddess proportions thanks to the increased immediacy and instant international fame imparted by the Internet and fast track travel. A model can be in 50 places at once in a single click. From Milan to Monte Carlo, and from New York to New Delhi. One of the most important rules of the modeling business in this day and age is to keep your passport up to date and your toothbrush packed!

Flick through the pages of any gossip magazine and you'll find models, models, models splashed across the pages – what they're wearing, what they're eating, where they're living, who they're seeing… Being a top model means celebrity status, admiration, curiosity and a million pairs of eyes on you at all times – for those who love the limelight, this can be paradise, for more timid models, the best advice we can impart is – you'd better behave!

Model, model, model! That's all you'll hear when talking about the most glamorous and sought-after gentlemen and dames on the planet. Love them or hate them, you can't deny it. Models, models, models make the world go round!

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