Model Photography Prices & Fees

What should you expect to pay for a model photography shoot?

Model photography prices and fees are usually based on studio time and the time that the photographer uses to take the photos. As a new model starting out in the business, you need to start building your portfolio. Until you have actually done any actual modeling jobs, you won't have that much to show for, so it's important to have a portfolio with head and body shots that show what you look like in photographs. It's advisable to have a portfolio that consists of roughly 8-14 photographs. In addition to that, it is highly recommended to only include professional photographs. Professional photographers know how to take good quality photos in order for you to create a portfolio that shows the best side of you.

Because every photo shoot is unique, it's impossible to estimate the model photography prices & fees for each shoot until all perimeters are set and until the photographer, the studio, or the photo shoot coordinator knows what the shoot requires.

Model photographers can choose their own prices for model photography. Depending on the photographer, the location or the agency you decide to go with, the price can vary between hundreds of euros. But in any case, be prepared to pay at least around €80-€150 for good quality photographs. caters for both models in search of a photographer as well as for photographers in search of models for photography shoots. With, experienced professional photographers can join the worldwide Model Management Photographers and let models and modeling agencies alike find you and get in touch with you for potential model photography work with competitive prices.

Models who require high-quality photos can apply for's photo sessions where they can get a chance to work with real professional photographers. offers affordable model photography prices & fees by which every model can make their portfolio appear as impressive and memorable as possible.'s model photography shoot includes 15 minutes with a professional make-up artist, 20 minutes shooting time in a photographic studio with a professional photographer, and 10 professional photos selected and uploaded to your profile.

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