Model Photography Techniques

Model photography techniques for a photo shoot

There are plenty of different ways to make the planning of your photo shoot easy. Read our model photography techniques and let us help you create the perfect model photo shoot.


It's usually the theme of the photo shoot that sets the overall tone of the shoot. If you are in charge of coming up with the theme for the photo shoot, use your imagination and creativity, but don't be overambitious. Once the theme has been established, it's time to start utilizing some other model photography techniques, such as props and lighting.

Props and Lighting

Props and lighting play a key part in the making of any successful photo shoot. One thing to remember when you are looking at various model photography techniques is that less is usually more. The more you try to do with the props and lighting, the more over-done it will end up looking. So it's advisable to keep the props to a minimum, unless that particular photo shoot requires an abundance of props.

As for lighting, one of the eternal classics is natural light. You can never go wrong with utilizing natural light in a photo shoot. No model photography technique expert could argue with that. Use sunlight to create different patterns and take advantage of the wonderful shapes and textures that you can get from sunlight. In case your model photo shoot is being shot indoors, then artificial lighting work equally well.

Camera Angles

Cameras are great in terms of what you are able to do with them. So take advantage of the ability to shoot from different angles. Shifting the camera angle might mean extra work for you, but it will surely be worth the effort.

Photo Shoot Locations

One great model photography technique to follow is to play with different photo shoot locations. Take advantage of the fact that a photo shoot can be done in almost any kind setting. Here creativity is key.

Poses and Expressions from Models

Remember that you are working with models who know what they are doing. So be creative in what you ask from them during the photo session. They are professionals and ready to put on any kind of pose or expression you might need for the shot. Models can contribute greatly in putting different model photography techniques into practice.

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