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What is a model scout and what do they do?

A model scout is a man or a woman who is employed to discover and recruit aspiring, potential models. A scout can either specialize in a particular field, or they might spread their skills between different fields, such as sports, entertainment and modeling.

Modeling scouts have to deal with two kinds of people: the models and the clients. The clients can be modeling agencies, advertising agencies, production companies, photographers or individuals looking to hire models for particular projects. Model scouts promote models to the clients by putting forward the models that have the appropriate age, sex, look and talent that would match with what the client is seeking for.

The process, by which modeling scouts usually work, is that they look for or are introduced to a new model. They then present the model's head shot and/or a modeling card or portfolio to the client. After the client has made a choice, the scout then arranges an open call. After the client has met the model, he will contact the model scout to inform them whether or not the model was appropriate for the project. It is the scout's job then to coordinate the details of the project, such as wardrobe or any other preparation that might be needed before turning up to a shoot.

It is the model scouts who are in charge of negotiating the contract or pay with the client. Keep in mind that model scouts take a cut or a commission for any jobs that the models have acquired. So in case you are planning to work as a model long-term, it would be advisable to contact a modeling agency and try to sign up as one of their models, rather than continuing to work with model scouts. You should also be aware of modeling scams and avoid anything that doesn't feel right. Be suspicious if you are asked to pay an upfront fee, and don't sign any documents without reading them through first.

What is a model scout and what do they do

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