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What is a model studio?

Many people ask questions such as what are model studios, and how do model studios differ from fashion studios? In reality they do not differ all that much. Model studios, just like fashion studios, refer to a space that is used for photo sessions with models. Many modeling agencies have model studios of their own, where most of their model training and review takes place. This is also the place where model agencies take test shots of their models.

As a model, you would never have to search for a model studio. That's the responsibility of your agency or your agent. And the way by which you would come to contact with model studios would be when you have a photo shoot, usually for the purpose of the modeling agency, or in order to put together your model portfolio. Model studios are basically the workspace of model photographers, make-up artist and hairdresser, whose job is to make models look beautiful for a photo shoot or for a fashion event, such as a fashion show.

Model studios usually house different kinds of equipment needed for preparing models ready for a shoot. This equipment would include things like cameras, lights, hair and make-up, chairs and mirrors, and other necessary tools for creating a successful model shoot. As model studios are also used for other purposes, such as for agents to review and judge models, the space can be transformed to meet the needs of a particular situation.

Modeling agencies, agents and model photographers alike, can all utilize model studios for their required purposes. So in some ways, unlike fashion studios, model studios tend to cater for models in various ways, while fashion studios serve as a space for photographers and fashion designers to conduct their work. So in other words, while fashion studios and model studios do overlap in many ways, they ultimately refer to different sides of the same industry.

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