Modeling Advice: Starting off on the right foot in the modeling world is an information, advice, and resource site that offers useful tips and guidance for would-be models that want to learn the ropes a little before sticking their toes into the world of modeling.

Set up by a photographer, Modeling Advice offers plenty of useful, free information, which is regularly updated and covers the pros, cons, highs and lows and all sorts of other valuable advice.

The tone is extremely neutral and the site clearly benefits from its founder's ample experience. What you'll find here is frank, well-meaning advice that covers the diversity of the modeling world and where a model can expect to fit in. No punches are pulled, as makes it clear that any determined model should head straight to New York, and that climbing the ladder to supermodel stardom is not an easy path to take. It also offers helpful pointers on how to sift the diamonds from the carbon and avoid the sharks.

The site's layout is simple and user-friendly. The main body of the information provided comes under the modeling information banner, and includes handy tips on what a model can expect and be expected to do. also offers a whistle-stop tour of how to get started and where to go to find work. FAQ and Scams sections also help models stay alert to what's new, what's hot and what's definitely not!

Links to photographers, and sound advice on comp cards and portfolio also feature on the site. Modeling Advice's founder offers portfolio services, which are available through the site and enable him to make his site available free of charge to aspiring models. Whilst it is obvious that this is how the founder makes a crust, reading Modeling Advice, it's clear that it has been created to help new models get the most out of the industry and wherever possible, avoid the pitfalls and potholes, which makes it well worth a browse and a bookmark.

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