One Model Place – A good place to start is an online community that unites over 200,000 aspiring and experienced models with each other, and with casting agents, stylists and photographers from all over the globe under one virtual roof.

Now in its 13th year, One Model Place opens its doors to users from all walks and levels of tech-savvy. The upshot is a diverse pool of models, agents, photographers and clients from all echelons of the industry, including runway, photo, catalogue and Glamour modeling.

What makes One Model Place different is the added extras: photo competitions, tools, workshops, banner ads, a featured magazine… basically, you name it in the modeling matrix and you'll likely find it here.

Whilst at first glance, the sheer number of drop down bars on the menu may seem daunting (rather like a New York deli, where so much is offered it's almost impossible to choose), everything has been neatly ordered into sections.

Models can opt to be featured in a variety of different ways and a fee structure is applied accordingly, although many of its basic services are free of charge. also features a handy iStudio, a free-of-charge service for actors, singers, choreographers, composers, and models that want to branch into the film industry. In addition to images, models can also present video and music in the iStudio.

A fixed staff of 20 employees run and their photos and bios appear on the homepage, adding credibility and a little reassurance that it is run by real people. To sum up, One Model Place is a good first base for anyone starting out on the road to modeling, as it doesn't require large outlay or technical wizardry or apply strict criteria to those who register. This, of course, has its pros and cons - a little common sense and a sense of humor are essential when signing up!

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