Top 10 Fashion Photographers

The world's 10 leading fashion photographers

We have put together a list of the top 10 fashion photographers in order to shed some light on the leaders of fashion photography. These masterminds have established a name and a position among the top 10 fashion photographers in the world.

Fashion photography is a specific type of photography. It requires different types of skills than many other forms of photography. And due to the glitz and glamour that is associated with the fashion industry as a whole, fashion photography is no exception. Fashion photography is a highly competitive field, and you can expect to see the world's top fashion photographers battling against each other for the title of the most recognized fashion photographer in the industry.

Take a look at our list of the top ten fashion photographers who deserve to be among the best of the best due to their proven success and their stronghold among the leading experts in fashion photography:

Andrea Klarin (Paris, France)

Raya (New York, United States)

Richard Warren (New York, United States)

Shaun Alexander (Los Angeles, United States)

Ian Abela (Paris, France)

Yanick Dery (Montreal, Canada)

Cyril Lagel (Paris, France)

Tarun Khiwal (New Delhi, India)

Dirk Franke (Miami Beach, United States)

James Hickey (Los Angeles, United States)

Being one of the world's best fashion photographers is not an easy triumph. It takes years of practice and mastering before a photographer can be considered one of the world's top photographers. The world's top 10 fashion photographers are the best in the business because they never fail to deliver in excellence.

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