Top 10 Modeling Agencies

How do I choose a top modeling agency?

Elite, Ford, Storm, Q model, L.A. Model, these are just some of the top 10 modeling agencies. With so many choices everywhere it's important to find the right agency for you to help make the most of your modeling career.

You don't have to be a top model to get into a top ten modeling agency. Set your sights high: whether it's the Erickson Agency or Madison models, Boss models or Otto Models, scope out the best to find the one that gives you the right vibe.

So what does it mean to belong to one of the top modeling agencies? What should you expect? Well, for a start you should get professional treatment from day one. Top modeling agencies have plenty of experience working with the best models in the field, and coaching and nurturing is given to the models until they blossom to stardom.

The right agency will build up your look, advise you on nutrition, presentation and even attitude. And of course, top modeling agencies have all the right connections: from photographers to stylists, make-up artists, and even managers. Like attracts like and they don't call top modeling agencies ‘top' for nothing!

Like with many things in life, starting off on the right foot is essential in the modeling world. And joining a top modelling agency begins with a small step: send some photos, make that call, knock on that door – it could be the best thing you ever did!

Being signed to one of the top 10 modelling agencies means living in or traveling to the world's most important fashion centers: New York, Paris, London, Milan, Los Angeles. It also means horizon broadening and living and breathing a life of glamour. It's also about hard work, careful selection, common sense, flexibility and constantly striving to get to the top (and stay there).

If you think you have what it takes, what have you got to lose? Aim for the top and you might find yourself working all over the world, strutting your stuff on the catwalks, collaborating with some of the world's top artists, movers and shakers, earning great money and having something unbelievably cool to show off to your grandchildren one day.

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