Top 10 Models

What's so hot about top ten models?

From the runway to the red carpet, thousands of models strut their stuff everyday hoping to make it into the top 10 lists of the world's most wanted models.

So what makes a model a super model? Besides great looks and poise, attitude and determination are two of the main propellers to the top of the model ladder. Case in point? Let's take two:

18-year-old French top model Kelly Moreira got her big break via Myspace of all places! She submitted her social networking profile for the 2009 Elite Model Look France contest and while she didn't win, she earned herself a boatload of attention. The upshot was that Kelly rose from little known to top model, gracing 2010 runways for Lanvin, YSL, and Kenzo and being booked by Vogue.

When 17-year-old Sean O'Pry's Myspace photos caught the attention of New York modeling agency VNY Models in 2006, O'Pry's mother got a phone call asking her permission to fly her son to New York: within three days he'd landed a major ad campaign. In 2008, having appeared in several major campaigns in just two years, Sean was crowned number one in ABC's top ten male models. Don't forget to update those social networking profile pics, folks!

Beyond the initial discovery, becoming a top ten model is about dedication and constantly striving to do better. As top Brazilian model Debora Muller puts it: "For me, everything that's happened was the result of hard work, discipline, and force of will. Now I only think about getting better."

American-born Janice Dickinson, the self-proclaimed "world's first supermodel" who shot to the top ten models of her time in the 80s, had to kick doors down for over a year before she found herself sought after for her exotic looks.

So while you might find yourself in the shoes of Kate or Naomi and be discovered in the check-in queue or tucking into your Big Mac, bear in mind that becoming a top 10 model can mean a great deal work and willpower – but that it will be well worth it in the end should you find yourself turning your toes on the catwalk, smiling for cameras and signing autographs as a beauty icon for a generation!

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