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#Looking for tattoo models online? Some years ago, it was not common seeing **tattoo models** working with the biggest brands or on the catwalks. However, in the last years, tattoos have become more popular and the modeling industry has started to include more diversity, including tattooed models. Big brands such as Marc Jacobs and Helmut Lang have included **tattoo models** in their runways. But what is a tattoo model? Of course, when we refer to **tattoo models** we are describing their main characteristic, which are very visible tattoos. This means that if you are a model and you have a small tattoo, this may not be the best type of modeling to define you. So tattooed models are those ones who are unique because they are very inked. In addition to this classification, tattooed models can fit into other modeling categories, such as plus-size modeling, runway modeling, etc. ##Can models have tattoos? You are probably wondering: **Can models have tattoos**? The modeling industry has become more diverse and brands are including more **tattoo models**. This is why’s Fresh Faces last edition was focused on tattoos. Nowadays, having tattoos is not really a problem. However, it is important you let clients know that you have tattoos, because they may not look for someone tattooed. Even if your tattoos are small, the client should know about them. This is why it is essential to update your polaroids if you get a new visible tattoo. So, **can models have tattoos**? The answer is YES. ###Plus size tattoo models As we mentioned earlier, being a tattoo model doesn’t mean that you cannot fit into other categories. **Plus size tattoo models** are also wanted by many brands. A clear example of the popularity of **plus size tattoo models** is Tess Holliday. ###Pin up model tattoo If you have tattoos, you have the option to be a **pin up model tattoo**. The pin up style is inspired in 1940’s, where high-waisted jeans, polka dot, eyeliner and red lipstick were protagonists. The hairstyle of pin ups is also key to get the look. So, if you want to become a **pin up model tattoo**, have in mind all of these details. ###Tattooed fitness models Another important modeling category within **tattoo models**, are **tattooed fitness models**. They are usually wanted by sports brands, such as Nike and Adidas. If you want to be part of the category **tattooed fitness models**, you will need to focus on the fitness niche market, create a workout routine, and of course, having tattoos. ###Instagram tattoo models Social media is definitely one of the reasons why **tattoo models** have become so popular. You can find **Instagram tattoo models** with millions of followers, which allows them to work with brands as content creators. One of the most popular **Instagram tattoo models** is Stephen James, also known as Who Is Elijah. Stephen has over 2 million followers on Instagram. ###Face tattoo models It is true that **face tattoo models** don’t have as much visibility as the rest of categories. However, since there aren’t so many **face tattoo models**, it is an interesting niche where you can get more chances to be selected. ###Tattooed bikini models **Tattooed bikini models** are usually wanted by swimwear and lingerie brands to showcase their garments. Any tattooed model can be part of the modeling category **tattooed bikini models**, no matter if you are a regular or plus size model. ##How to be a tattoo model? You are probably wondering **how to be a tattoo model**. Well, note the following tips and tricks to start your career as a tattooed model. We divided it into **female models with tattoos** and **male models with tattoos** because requirements are slightly different. ###How to become a female tattoo model If you want to be part of **female models with tattoos**, of course, you need to have tattoos. In this case, as we mentioned before, in order to consider someone a tattooed model, their tattoos need to be visible. It is important female **models with tattoos** create their polaroids wearing a black swimsuit or bikini, so clients are able to see their tattoos. ###How to become a male tattoo model In the case of **male models with tattoos**, the requirements are similar to female models. However, it is recommended that **male models with tattoos** wear a plain boxer, so they get to show their tattoos. Male models with tattoos, as well as female models with tattoos, will need to update their polaroids if they get new tattoos. This is all you need to know on **how to be a tattoo model**. ##Do modeling agencies accept tattoos? Modeling agencies do accept **tattoo models**. And you can even find agencies which are focused on managing tattooed models. When you’re submitting your pictures to get signed to an agency, make sure you show all your tattoos. ##Meet the sexiest tattoo models online These are some of the most popular **tattoo models**
1.Tess Holliday 2.Erin Wasson 3.Catherine McNeil 4.Jeremy Meeks 5.Stephen James 6.Nick Youngquest 7.Anh Wisle 8.Danne Mars 9.Lola J. Renault 10.Francisco Lachowski