Sexiest female models

## Who are the sexiest female models? How does the top **sexiest female models** list look like? And what is this list? Well, there are female models that are considered to be the sexiest in the whole world, there are as well those who are chosen as the sexiest female models in a certain country. Sometimes the sexiest female models on a country level may be the sexiest in the world as well. Some lists of the sexiest female models are provided by certain fashion magazines or internet portals. There is even a list of top sexiest female models on Instagram. As well different publications which present different female models as the sexiest. Some of them choose to publish top ten sexiest female models, some obviously do not want to limit their choice to only ten. As, for example, defines a big number of female models as the sexiest. Among them are the following female models: Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Alyssa Miller, Ana Beatriz Barros, Anne Vyalitsyna, Ashley Graham, Bar Refaeli, Behati Prinsloo, Camille Rowe, Candice Huffine, Lianne Howley, Mercedes Chiesa, Fanny Sanchez, Letta Loof, Dominika Pernisova and others. So, the top sexiest female models list is not a one of a kind, unique rating. These are the sexiest female models on in accordance to those who are active and popular on our site. But for sure there are other requirements when we are talking about fashion industry. ## Beautiful and sexy – does it mean the same? What does it mean to be “sexy” in the fashion business? Different ratings of the sexiest female models seldom include 100% of the same female models. And no wonder – in many people’s minds, as we know. “Sexy” is a very objective term, but when it goes for the fashion business there are certain criteria applying to female models. So, what does it mean to be the sexiest female model in terms of the fashion world? Due to the mentioned above internet portal the top sexiest female models list works in this way: “The top sexiest female models ranking is designed to highlight those fresh, approachable beauties that fuel millions of dreams for clients like Victoria's Secret, Eres, H&M lingerie/swimwear and Sports Illustrated. Measuring a girl's visibility, fashion kudos, cultural impact and continued success with key clients within the market, the sexiest ranking showcases the beauties who channel their sex appeal into big bucks and major bookings.” (quote). Fair enough! Business is business. Even (or specially) when your body is your main investment. So, obviously beauty and sexiness here do not exclude each other, but not necessary beautiful female model is listed as the sexiest. Phrase “beauties that fuel millions of dreams for clients like Victoria's Secret, Eres, H&M lingerie/swimwear and Sports Illustrated” leads us to conclusion that the more clients are “turned on” by a female model of working for famous brands (the more the better as well), the sexier she is considered. ## Is a female model automatically sexy? If a female model is beautiful it doesn’t make her automatically a sexy one. But neither does it mean she can not become a sexy female model and appear in the top ten ratings of the sexiest female models. We’ve already found out what fashion understands under “sexy female model”. And it is clear that for transformation of a beautiful female model into a sexy female model she needs to get in touch with fitness, beach wear or lingerie brands, for example. As well a professional photographer is required here. A beauty photographer with good photography ideas and an experience in fashion photography. The one who knows how hot model photos are taken. For example, if we take the sexiest female fitness models. What makes them sexy is not only good looks and posing skills. And sport equipment is not a deal breaker here. It is “the eye” of a photographer that matters. As it is the photographer who sees the whole picture, who knows how to combine the good looks with sport equipment, what pose is the best (the sexiest) for the best pictures. And for these kinds of shoots good quality shooting is paramount in the modeling business. Being a sexy female model may sound shallow. But that’s only because the average person’s perception of the word “sexy” is shallow. It usually results from partial nudity that goes along with a career of many female models. Some times when people see half-naked beautiful female model they make a conclusion that it is the only thing she possesses. And it is one of the disadvantages of a sexy female model title. But if you look more carefully it is easy to understand that sexiness includes beauty and vise versa. Any female model has her sexiness potential and it is up to her whether to express it or not. So, is a female model automatically sexy? – No. But does she have potential to become a sexy female model? – Yes. To confirm this theory we can ask different people to look through pictures of different female models and define the sexiest female model. I am one hundred percent sure we’ll get completely different results. There won’t be a single one female model chosen, which is completely normal. The world is diverse and so are the raters. Definitely each female model seems sexy to at least one person and this proves that there are place for each female model in the world of sexy ones.