Sexiest male models

## What does it mean to be “sexy” for a man? Who are the sexiest male models? This definition of sexiness sums it up nicely: “Sexiness is the spectrum of arts in a person's life. It's the aesthetic way of expressing the inner and outer beauty of an individual.” Beautiful. It certainly applies both to men and women. But it is very difficult to define sexiness accurately and there is no long lasting definition of it. Sexiness is influenced by the time. What was sexy before is not necessarily sexy today. For example, not so long time ago the rougher man looked the sexier he was. Nowadays the slightly feminine looking men are considered sexy. The same is among male models. It was sexy to drink spirits in the 60s. Today protein drinks are sexier. But nevertheless let’s find out who are the sexiest male models today. What does the media say about the sexiest male models lists? For example, Internet portal defines the following male models as the sexiest: Adam Senn, Adrian Cardoso, Alex Lundqvist, Alexandre Cunha, Andre Ziehe, Andres Velencoso Segura, Arran Sly, Arthur Keller, Arthur Kulkov, Brian Shimansky and others. While among the sexiest male models in the community of are for now such male models as: Nacho Ozalla, Javier Wolf, Amine Ben Salah, Ricardo Guedes, Mihai Bran, Emre Ese, Jan-Niklas Knopp, Giuseppe Giarratana, Alberto De La Cruz, Franco Roverano, Victor Montolio and others. As we can see the lists vary and this is completely normal. There are hundreds of other listings of the sexiest male models all over the world. Today male models are not in less demand in the fashion business than female ones and their different looks can satisfy any taste. So, no wonder there are no exclusive lists of the sexiest male models – many men, many minds. What does it mean to be “sexy” in the fashion business? Any site or publication can come up with the sexiest models list of its own. But for sure there are some certain requirements for male models to be considered the sexiest when it comes to fashion industry. As explains when is speaks about the sexiest male modes list in terms of modeling business: “While the word “sexiest” instantly calls to mind visions of chiseled pecs and washboard abs it takes a little more than that to wind up on the sexiest male models list. In order to make the cut a male model must snag one of those coveted underwear, swimwear or scantily clad designer fragrance ads. Work with fashion’s premiere photographers certainly helps, as does a reputation for bringing the sexy to editorials and runways. The male equivalent of a Victoria’s Secret contract might not exist (yet) but these male models are known for serving up sensuality.” (quote). ## How can I be the sexiest male model? Here we are going to start with a question: are you already a male model and want to be the sexiest one, or are you planning to get into the ranks of the sexiest male models from scratch? It is important because if you already are a male model you are far more than a half way there. You already have a portfolio, experience, know how male models world works, etc. If you haven’t yet passed this big part of the road start with that then. Make sure you have everything a male model needs (well-shaped body, confidence, patience, good portfolio of course, etc.). After you step into male model’s shoes it will be much easier to upgrade yourself to a sexiest male model. So, let’s say you already are a male model. Then what you need is to dive into fashion photography world and find yourself a professional beauty photographer, who knows about male photography, about advertising photography and knows how to take hot model photos. Your task is to get yourself plenty of sexy pictures of a good quality and experience of sexy posing. And that’s why professional photographer with experience of taking picture of successful hot male models is important. They will help you to add a sexy touch to your career of a male model. As for a beginner in sexy male modeling underwear, fragrance or swimwear campaign can be temporary replaced with a photo sessions in the style. And to get to top tier editorials as a sexy male model you can create a profile on and apply to castings and network like crazy. Then share your profile with your social media and link it to an Instagram account. After productively working with professional beauty photographers you should have plenty of nice sexy pictures. Don’t be greedy and share them with the public! Well, all these small but consistent steps are actually a sort of manual, which will help you to “grow” from male model to a sexy male model. Good luck!