Sexiest lingerie models

What is a lingerie model?

There are different types of modeling, such as commercial, editorial, catwalk, body parts, etc. Lingerie models refer to those models who are specialized in shootings with lingerie or swimsuit clothes. Lingerie models usually combine this type of modeling with other types, such as commercial, editorial or social media. Lingerie modeling is essential for lingerie and swimwear brands, since they need to showcase their garments with models. One of the most important and biggest markets for lingerie and swimwear models is Los Angeles, United States.

How to become a lingerie model?

You are probably wondering how to become a lingerie model. As any other type of modeling, the most important thing you should start with is creating your material, such as your polaroids, your self-tape and your modeling portfolio. Have in mind that you want to focus on this niche when you are creating and selecting the pictures for your portfolio. We highly recommend lingerie models to create their polaroids wearing a black swimsuit. Once you have your material, try to find specialized modeling agencies that represent lingerie models. Submit your best pictures – making sure that they are good quality and they show versatility. And if you do all of the above and still wonder how to become a lingerie model, the easiest way to get started is by joining When you create your profile, you will be able to start applying to castings and be seen by international modeling agencies.

Find sexy lingerie models online

Sexy lingerie models are those models who are confident in their own skin and have a good attitude in front of the camera. Because sexy is an attitude, more than particular measurements or physique. Actually, there are no specific requirements to decide what sexy lingerie models are, since there is a wide variety of profiles requested.

Plus size lingerie models

Being plus size doesn’t mean you cannot become a plus size lingerie model. Showing diversity is essential right now, and including people from all sizes is a must for all brands. So, don’t let anyone tell you, you cannot become a plus size lingerie model because of your size.

Asian lingerie models

If you are Asian, you can also become an Asian lingerie model. As mentioned before, since brands are seeking more diversity in their campaigns, they are including every time more profiles and different ethnicities, and Asian lingerie models are very requested.

Black lingerie models

As well as white models, we can find black lingerie models too. Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks, despite not being black lingerie models, they have worked for some lingerie campaigns and they definitely show that no matter your skin color, you can do lingerie modeling.

Mature lingerie models

As we said before, sexiness is more about the attitude than just the physique. Following this rule, we can also find mature lingerie models. In this case, it’s important to have in mind that commercial models’ careers are longer than high fashion models, so mature lingerie models would be more focused on catalogues and e-commerce campaigns.

Amateur lingerie models

If you are just getting into the modeling industry, you can also work as a lingerie model. However, amateur lingerie models need to create their portfolio, learn how to pose, how to behave on a photoshoot, and much more. In this case, the Model Academy is the perfect tool for amateur lingerie models who want to become professional and learn everything about the industry.

Instagram lingerie models

Another way to work for lingerie models is Social Media. Especially, with Instagram success, there are so many influencers who have become Instagram lingerie models and have been able to work with lingerie or swimwear brands. Instagram lingerie models have a big following on social media and are able to create good quality content for brands’ digital channels.

Meet some of the sexiest lingerie models of all time

Now that you know what sexy lingerie models are and the different types we can find, here’s the list of the sexiest lingerie models.
  1. Gisele Bündchen

  2. Alva Claire

  3. Ashley Graham

  4. Paloma Elsesser

  5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

  6. Adriana Lima

  7. Jasmine Tookes

  8. Valentina Sampaio

  9. Liu Wen

  10. Alessandra Ambrosio

How much do lingerie models make?

Regarding how much lingerie models make, it is really difficult to define an exact amount. It really depends on the brand they work with and the type of campaign. There are so many elements to have in mind, such as the models’ fee, or the usage of pictures. This is all you need to know about lingerie models and how to become one.