Top male model influencers

## How male models can and should benefit from Instagram and the importance of Instagram for new models Today’s life can easily be called life online. One can buy and sell stuff online, pay taxes and bills online, work, communicate and even date online. So, why can’t one be a model online? Not only is the answer they can, but they should! Nowadays an online presence is necessary for any successful business. The modeling business is not an exception. But what we are talking about is not only webpages, it is social media. And when it comes to modeling, Instagram is one of the most important ones. Why? We think everyone knows the answer. Fashion and the modeling businesses (which are dependent on each other) cannot exist without photography. Fashion photography actually keeps the business going. And Instagram is a social media based on photography.

Instagram offers model influencers many new possibilities: it allows them to use pictures for expressing themselves and provides publicity. What else can be better for a fresh female or male model? We know amazing stories about how certain male models became famous starting as Instagram models. And it really helps. This is because female or male models can use Instagram for publishing any pictures. Male models, for example, can present themselves in a classical, alternative or sport image. Female and male models can publish pictures of themselves in beachwear or underwear. And becoming an Instagram model influencer at the beginning of your career is a great way to promote yourself. Why? Because by doing so female and male models at once demonstrate to potential clients their different looks and how attractive they are for the public. What more can any starting female or male model can dream about? Male Instagram model influencer TeenVogue presented list of “fresh” male Instagram models worthy of attention in its opinion. And the next male models appeared on the list: Peter Raven Maben, Rafferty Law, Justin Barnhill, Lucky Blue Smith, Jackson Hale, Piero Mendez, Luka Sabbat, Jacob Morton, Erin Mommsen, Chen Cong and others. As we can see the age range of the male models is 17-23 (mostly under 20), which shows that being an Instagram model is a new trend among male models. And no wonder as this social media is still relatively new in the industry standards. But it doesn’t mean that any male model can become an instagram model.

Young male models just explore the area faster as their generation is practically based on communication online and the era of smartphones makes it possible 24/7. Men working on a plant or factory are not popular anymore but men becoming male models or male instagram model influencers are. So, a lot of young handsome boys choose the path of a model. Plus another popular thing among young people is photography. With Internet available all the time today they can easily find numerous fashion photography tips, bring their fashion photography ideas to life and post them on Instagram withing a very short period of time. And that is what gives them an opportunity to achieve a level of model influencer on instagram easily. Who can be a male model influencer on instagram? Some tips for being a popular male model influencer on instagram An instagram influencer is a person with the biggest number of folowers and likes (the second is actually dependent on the first). There are Instagram influencers in different categories. It can be design, literature, make up or modeling. So, answer to the question “Who can be a male model influencer on instagram?” is – anyone. Any guy who uses the next simple tips.

Number one tip is rich content. It is one of the most important things to have. An Instagram male model needs to fill his profile with content relevant to the fashion industry. But by doing that it is important to keep in mind tip number two: quality over quantity. On Instagram only one type of content is possible – pictures or videos. So, go ahead! Take your smartphone and create! But before taking pictures and posting them, an Instagram model must ask himself: how relevant is it to people? As well to take into account the fact you are not the only Instagram model, so the pictures need to be interesting and showing your modeling skills in the best light. Personalize them with some short text. And thus we have come to the tip number three – tell a story. Show the way you think, so there are not only looks available. And tip number four – before you post anything on Instagram always ask yourself: “Would I like this?”. That’s it. Easy isn’t it?

You are now fully equipped to go and conquer an Instagram models’ world. Good luck! But first have a look on the list of Instagram model influencers ranked by of Those guys definitely know how to get to the top of Instagram models list.