Famous Model Photographers

Who are the world's most famous model photographers?

The world's most famous model photographers are those who have shown, through their hard work and effort, what it takes to be at the top of model and fashion photography. They've shown what ultimately accounts for their continuous success and what has made them the most famous model photographers in the world.

There is a fine line between model photography and fashion photography. Top fashion photographers might as well be called the most successful and famous model photographers. Model photographers get the opportunity to photograph some of the world's leading models. Famous high-end fashion brands always have leading models fronting their campaigns, which in effect means that famous model photographers will be taking photographs of some of the highest-earning models in the business.

We have compiled a short list of some the world's most famous model photographers:

Jill Greenberg - Jill Greenberg specializes in portraits, advertising, magazine covers, fashion.

David LaChapelle - David LaChapelle works in fashion photography, among other types of photography, which often verges on the surreal.

Philip Warner – Philip Warner is a well-known model photographer and designer.

Michael Muller – In addition to being a famous model photographer, Michael Muller does celebrity, music, fashion, and advertising photography.

Patrick Demarchelier – Patrick Demarchelier is a very famous high-fashion and model photographer.

Miles Aldridge – Miles Aldridge is a model/fashion photographer based in Amsterdam.

Zach Gold – Specialises in model, fashion and advertising photography and works with a wide range of clients all over the world.

Antoine Verglas – Antoine Verglas is a famous model photographer who specializes in intimate portraits of fashion models.

Christine Kessler – Works as a fashion, model, fine art, and fetish photographer.

Sacha Dean Bïyan – Sacha Dean Bïyan is a famous, respected model photographer who does some cutting-edge fashion photography.

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