Here are some tips to creat your own social community!

In the World of Social Media, pictures, friends and “likes” are becoming more and more important.  Connections are not only made to be in contact with others but to build up a social community which can give you support on your success in social networks.

How can you build up your own social community on Instagram?

1. The Power of Likes

Like as many pictures as you can and follow many people with your same interests. As soon as you break the ice with a kind like on other profiles they will start to check your account and reply back.

2. Show some interests!
Ask a question in the caption of your post and create a buzz under your picture. Posts which end with a question give the chance to your followers to share they own thoughts.

“How was your day?” , “Do you like my outfit?”, “What do you think about it?” … and the comments flow has just started.

3. Quality beats quantity
Don’t share random photos of you and even don’t do it all day. If you want to build up a succesful social community, you need to keep in mind that quality is way more important than quantity. You want to look professional on social networks as well, right?

Then create your posts prudentially!

4. Use tools to get the most out of Instagram

You are able to find many applications which help you to manage your account like a Pro. There is one called Piqora which helps you to see which kind of photos are the most successful on the platform. After you realize what pictures your followers are interested about, the only thing you need to do is upload more of them.

Another application, called Latergramme which is also very useful. Creating great posts and pictures take so much time every day. This app helps you to schedule your post some days before the publication. What a good one, right? In this way, you have time to make posts some days before just in case you are busy.

5. Tell a story

Use an image and tell a story with it.

Why is that picture important for you? What happened during the shoot?

Create some emotional backgrounds for your picture and let your followers get to know you a bit more.

6. Apply to #FFSocial15 provides you the chance not only to show off with your picture but win! Fresh Faces Social Instagram contest is back! The only thing you need to do is add #FFSocial15 to your Instagram picture and you are already a probable winner for the Premium Unlimited Model Membership and an article about you on our blog! Make sure you are also part of our Fresh Faces 2015 contest, as it’s a requirement!

Get more exposure and let’s network together. Make some cross voting during the contest and get some more followers!

Instagram can be only a platform to keep in contact with your friends but you need to keep in mind that it is also an effective way to promote your interests and drive your talent all the way up to success.
Use it in the right way!

Do you know any other tips to reach Instagram followers?
Share it with us!

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