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Anna is many Annas. Teacher, nutritionist, model, singer… But when we ask her to choose a main profession, she tells us that there is none, that she is multifaceted and it is not possible, nor does she want, to be pigeonholed. Anna, above all things, is unpredictable and faces her life moved by passion and doing exactly what she really wants.

She speaks and expresses herself very well, she has experience speaking and showing herself in public. During her career she has done dozens of interviews in castings, auditions and she has had a successful passage through the Miss World Spain contest. In this interview, Anna shows us that she is self-confident, restless and passionate, as well as very sweet, respectful and smiling.

Who is Anna?

I don’t consider myself as a unique person, because I have many hobbies, many things that I like and I feel that I live several lives at the same time and that is why sometimes I don’t have time to do everything I would like to do.

I am a very natural girl, who does not hide from anything and I’m a continuous learner, I always like to prosper, I don’t like to settle down and I need the adrenaline of trying new things… Challenge myself and see if I can improve myself, is something I love.

Every time I get it, for me it is very satisfying and I always look for a few more doses of those moments. That’s why I love to sing, to model, to dance, to act… and to educate.


Photographer: Andreas von Estorff    Model: Anna Aznar

What gives you the most adrenaline?

Singing makes me feel very good, it allows me to express many things that sometimes it is difficult for me to say, besides, I think that my feelings come out very well through the songs. I love it… And I should do it more, I should spend more time singing. Being a model also makes me feel great and, although I don’t work as a model the hundred percent of my time, since I’ve been working with I am always immersed in some jobs or projects. Teaching fulfills me a lot as a person and I also learn a lot from others. Each little thing completes me a lot in its own way.

Not everyone likes to do many different things at the same time…

It is true, many people prefer to practice a single profession or many people are moved only for one hobby. I need much more, I am insatiable in this aspect. My own students are surprised that, besides being a teacher, I am also a model who also posts videos singing on YouTube… And it’s a shame because this ideology is imposed by society. They have, for example, the figure of a teacher, as a very intelligent person and a bookworm, as a person who only likes to study… I only believe in perseverance, if I like something I won’t stop until I get it. This is my vision of life.


Photographer: Andreas von Estorff    Model: Anna Aznar

Everything you like has to do with being exposed to an audience.

It’s true, I don’t like being hidden. It is clear that when you are a model it is because you also like to be seen, you seek to feel recognized with what you are doing. Yes, everything I have done has been showing myself to the world.

Having a nice physique, has made you experience uncomfortable situations?

Yes, of course. Like, comparisons between the physique of women, for example. Or when someone is surprised to see that I’m a smart girl, as if because of my appearance I had to be dumb… Some people think that being pretty and intelligent are not compatible adjectives for women. We must change this superficial vision.


Photographer: Andreas von Estorff    Model: Anna Aznar

What is the hardest part of being a teacher?

When you have doubts when solving a question, or knowing how to manage uncomfortable situations with your students.I think that young people nowadays are very susceptible and sometimes managing their emotions is not easy. They are called crystal generation because they quickly become offended or demoralized.

And what about singing, how did it appear in your life?

It all started during my childhood, when I was eight or nine years old. There was a program on TV “Eurojunior” that I loved, I even auditioned! I used to sing a lot at home and my mother told me that I sang very well, but of course, I thought she was flattering me because she is my mother… But over time I also studied music theory and piano. Later I was chosen to sing in a musical, but I was studying nutrition and I chose to study. Currently, I am immersed in a project for a new song that will come out in a while.

What about your musical inspiration?

I have always loved “La Oreja de Van Gogh” and its first vocalist, Amaia Montero, is one of my favorite singers, without a doubt. I really like her personality and I think that my way of transmitting the songs is very similar to hers and our voices are quite similar, as well.


Photographer: Andreas von Estorff    Model: Anna Aznar

At what stage of your life does modeling appear?

It all happened when I was very young and happened a bit by chance. A modeling agency in Reus was holding a beauty pageant down the street. I saw it and signed up. I went through phases until I won. At that moment I realized that I liked it, so I decided to join the agency. For a while my extracurricular activity was to go to the agency and learn photography, protocol, makeup, nutrition… And all that helped me a lot to learn and make the leap to international agencies. Over time I signed up for different castings where I did very well, to the point of being second in Miss World Spain.

How was the experience in Miss World?

The truth is that it was a learning experience, especially on an emotional level. This is a very demanding contest, you not only have to be physically perfect, you also sleep very little, you have a lot of pressure and there are moments of great tension. All these experiences have helped me grow, strengthen and enrich myself as a person.

Do you feel pressure to achieve perfection?

I like how I am, I’m not perfect but I’m don’t want to change or to please someone.

I don’t want to get closer to some specific canons imposed by society. Beauty is very subjective, it goes by fashion, so what matters most to me is being true to myself and it is important to know that, whatever you do, it is impossible to please everyone, so I see no point in pursuing perfection.


Photographer: Andreas von Estorff    Model: Anna Aznar

What advice would you give to a girl who is starting out in the modeling world?

I would tell her to follow her heart, that if this is her passion, she has to pursue it, but to never drop out of her studies. I would advise her not to get carried away by comments that are harmful or related to the appearance and weight of a person. The world is full of colors and for one agency you can be the best model of the catalog and for another, you can not fit in at all. Also, do not be badly influenced by anyone in this sector.

How did your relationship with start?

The first contact I had was participating in the Fresh Faces contest, where I was a finalist. After that experience, I signed up for different castings and I have always been getting projects, castings, photo sessions… One day Andreas invited me to the Barcelona headquarters. When I met him, we connected spiritually in a very magical way.

How was the photo shoot with Andreas?

Really fantastic. Andreas told me that he wanted some natural photos, without a lot of makeup, she wanted to show who I really am. He wanted to portray Anna, not a character, and he did it! Andreas made me feel very comfortable. Between shots we talked and he gave me some advice… He even asked me about my complexes and photographed them! Despite being my complexes, he portrayed them by embellishing them. Now I even like them when I see the photographs. It was wonderful. I came home feeling very fulfilled and amazed by his professionalism.


Photographer: Andreas von Estorff    Model: Anna Aznar

What would you highlight as the best characteristic of

The website has enormous advantages over other agencies, in addition to being a global and online agency that brings you closer to any fashion professional from anywhere in the world with only a click. Years have passed and it is a wonderful tool for people in the world of modeling and acting, also for all those people who would not fit into the typical prototype that was established at the time. It is an agency fully open to all concepts of body, beauty, age… Since I discovered them at the age of sixteen, I have never stopped working on projects.

In addition, you have also participated in some Instagram live videos working for the agency!

That’s how it is! Taking advantage of my knowledge of nutrition, I have done some very interesting live videos and this has allowed me to show not only my facet as a model but also to contribute knowledge. I have also made videos about makeup… All of this makes me feel complete. In addition to giving me visibility, of course!


Photographer: Andreas von Estorff    Model: Anna Aznar

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