Models: Sara Castillo, Lorena Hidalgo, Gemma Schumm, Elizabeth Arnau, Marti Capellades, Maria Ruiz, Joana Millet, Adriana Serra, Jordi Temprado, Clara Civit, Mateo Agulla, Toni, Andrea Balaguer, Lara Khulmann, Aleix Camps.

Producer: Joan Cuni.

Diversity in modeling

For the #ComfortableWithIt campaign, the shoe brand Bata needed different types of models. They were not looking for the prototype and idealized tall, skinny model, but for real people who represented the diversity that the brand stands for. The shoe company offers a variety of footwear that are created for all kinds of people, every age, skin color, genre, size, and style. The key concept was: comfortable shoes are for everyone.

And that’s why the producer Joan Cuní decided to look for models on, the world’s fastest-growing modeling platform. As Bata, we stand for diversity and inclusivity. We truly believe that modeling is for everyone. On our platform, you can find all types of castings from brands, photographers, casting directors, and agencies who are looking for new faces and real people to work with them.

This Bata campaign is the perfect example of our values and it was a complete success! Don’t miss the final result in this video:

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