Fitness models are one of the most popular modeling categories nowadays. They have always existed, however, with the fitness lifestyle boom on social media, they’ve gotten more visibility and this is why many people dream about becoming a fitness model. In this blog post, we are going to share some tips with you on how to become a fitness model. Take note!

What is a fit model?

Before getting into the steps on how to become a fitness model, it is important we make clear what the industry understands a fit model is. Sport is something common in the modeling industry and most models have a workout routine to make sure their measurements stay steady – otherwise, they would need to constantly update their polaroids, comp-card, etc.

However, doing sport is not enough to become a fit model. In order to consider someone a fitness model, they must have a well-defined and muscular body. They are usually wanted for sports brands, such as Nike or Adidas, or even gyms.

It is important to point out that even though you become a fitness model, you can still work in other modeling categories, such as commercial, fashion, tattoo, etc.

Fitness modeling requirements

As mentioned before, fitness models need to be fit. However, being fit is no longer a synonym of being slim and having a specific size. Actually, brands are including all types of bodies, sizes, and measurements. Because sport is not only for skinny people, but for everyone. So the only requirement to become a fitness model would be to be interested in sports and work out frequently.

Steps to become a fitness model

Now that you know what a fitness model is and what the requirements are, it is time to know how to start your modeling career in fitness.

1. Create your material

The first step for every newcomer model who wants to start their career is creating their material. You should start creating your polaroids and your self-tape. With this material, clients expect to see your real beauty, so makeup won’t be needed. You can have a look at the following video to learn how to create your model polaroids at home.

2. Start building your portfolio

To start your modeling career it will be essential to have a portfolio where you showcase your skills, posing, and experience. If you’re just starting in the industry, it will be normal that you don’t have one. However, you can collaborate with photographers to organize a TFP shooting and get professional pictures for free. You can learn more about how to create a good portfolio on the Model Academy.

EXTRA TIP: On you can find TFP castings that allow you to start building a portfolio for free. Along with this, you can find photographers in your area and contact them. 

3. Apply to castings

Once you have your polaroids and portfolio, you will be able to apply to castings to start working as a model. On you will find thousands of castings you can apply to on the go. And with our app Model Now, it’s even easier.

4. Apply to agencies

Even though you can work as a model without an agency, if you would like to get signed, it is important you look for agencies that manage fitness models. There are agencies that represent a wider variety of models, while others are focused on a specific niche. You could also have a look at the type of models they represent to check their specialty. Once you find agencies you’re interested in, you will need to submit your polaroids and personal information.

TIP: You can use to find modeling agencies in your area

EXTRA TIP: Don’t miss out on our blog post How to get signed to a modeling agency for more info. 


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