[:en]Have you ever wondered why photographers get upset with models during a fashion show?

There can be several reasons and if you didn’t have the opportunity to walk the runway at a fashion show, you should read these tips!

Most models already did mistakes and are unaware of it. I’m not going to talk about models falling down in the middle of the catwalk, some high-heels are freakish, some catwalks are slippery, some dresses are too long.

Model falling in a catwalk

Accidents happen and nobody should blame the model for that.

But there are a few things you should know before you step on the catwalk to ensure that you will get the best possible press exposure.

This post will tell you what you need to know to make sure that the pictures the photographers will take of you will be published in magazines, newspapers and press agencies.

The best method to ensure you end up with amazing pictures and great memories is by following these tips:

Pay attention to the rehearsal

Some fashion shows have complicated paths with crossings, turns, and angles. It’s not uncommon that models get lost in the middle of the show! If a model skips a photo podium, she won’t have pictures and photographers will be furious!

Know where the photographer’s podium is

During the rehearsal make sure to see where the photographer’s podium is. Some shows have 2 or 3 podiums. Remember where they are.

If you ignore the photographers, they will still try to call you but there is a chance that pictures of you won’t get published.

Walk in the light

During the rehearsal check if you are walking in the light. If you walk in the shadow, the photos will be dark and might not be salvageable.

Concentrate on your eyes!

Doing the walk looking down or blinking your eyes too much won’t get you published anywhere.

Models in a catwalk

Walk with the rhythm

Every show has a different rhythm. You have to walk the runway at the same speed as the other models. If you are too fast or too slow you will cause problems!

Keep your distance

You have to maintain the same distance from the model in front of you at all times! If you come too close, photographers won’t be able to photograph you! If you stay too far behind you might block the model behind you.

This is the most common mistake models do at fashion shows! And if photographers can’t see you, you won’t have pictures!

Be patient

During fashion shows, photographers can have a process. They can, for example, start first with full-length pictures, and then half-length, details and finish with beauty close-ups.

If the model turns or stops for the pose too far or too close it can mess up the photos.

It’s all about the timing

At some fashion shows, models have to do a stop in front of the photographers. During the rehearsal, someone from the production will tell the models how long the stop should take.

Sometimes the pose should last only 2 seconds and in some cases, it can last 5 seconds. Don’t rush but also don’t overstay your welcome.

If you are too fast, photographers won’t have time to focus and take the picture they need, and if you stay too long you might block the next model.

Have you been in this situation before? How was your experience?

This post was written by Antonio Barros, a photographer from ModelManagement.com’s community

He is a fashion and beauty photographer based in Paris, France.

Today, with over 10 years of experience, Antonio is specialized in fashion photography,
catwalks, video production, as well as e-commerce photography.

Antonio also photographed for Dior, Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Wella, Vogue Brazil,
Marie Claire Thailand, InStyle, Pfizer, Getty Images, WireImage, and many others.

You can find his work here: www.antoniobarros.fr and on his Instagram.[:]

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