Being a photographer is much more than just taking pictures with a camera. When you are a photographer, you are an entrepreneur and you run a business. So, as much as you enjoy photography, of course, you need to make sure that you make revenue to cover your expenses. Stop asking yourself “how can I make money as a photographer” and keep reading.

How to make revenue as a photographer

One of the initial points that needs to be covered when you start being a professional photographer is how you’re going to make money. You have to think about it as a company that offers a service. For this reason, it’s important you define your product [type of photography you offer] and your niche, so you can identify possible customers. Here we give you 5 ideas on how to make money with your pictures.

1. Stock photography

Stock photography is one of the most popular ways to make money as a photographer. And even though it sounds as a simple type of photography, there are many different types inside of it, such as food, travel, architecture, the medical industry, people, or others. You can start by signing up to stock photography agencies and submitting your portfolio. If you want to know more about stock photography, check this video series by William Perugini.


2. Events photography

Another common way to make money as a photographer is focusing on events photography. This includes weddings, events and parties. Events photographers usually work with a closed budget that considers working hours, final material to deliver and also location and dates.

3. Sell your photoshoots

If you’re still wondering “how can I make money as a photographer”, selling photoshoots can be a very good option. Depending on your photography style, you can offer specific sessions, such as “fashion photo shoot”, or more open so it can be discussed with the client. TIP: However, we recommend you to always be specific. That will help you stand out among other offers.

How to sell your photoshoots?

This might seem simple, but selling your photoshoots requires a strategy where you will also have to define the product, pricing and promotion strategy. Luckily, has launched a Marketplace, where photographers can easily post an offer and sell their products to over 1.5 million models and talents worldwide. Follow these steps:

  1. Describe your offer and choose a clear title.
  2. Write a short overview about your experience and maybe some interesting things that make your creative approach stand out from the rest.
  3. Always justify the price of the offer by adding detailed explanation of what will be the outcome of the collaboration.
  4.  Always ask models to leave reviews after the shoot is done. This helps to increase your rating, hence, your credibility.

4. Teach aspiring photographers

Creating photography courses and lessons for other photographers is also a good option to get extra revenue. Think about what you’re good at and what you can show to other photographers. You can start with basic courses for beginners, or more advanced courses, such as studio lighting. Lessons can be online or offline, you can choose the format that fits you better.

On our Marketplace, you can also sell your lessons to other photographers & creatives of the industry. Just choose “masterclass” when deciding the type of offer you create.

Extra tip: To create a competitive offer, you can also have a look at other photographers’ pricings.

5. Sell your Lightroom presets

Lightroom has become very popular among the Instagram community. Since the mobile version is free, an easy way to get extra revenue is creating presets and selling them to people who like your style. On, you can also create the offer. To send them to the client, you will have to export them in .LRTEMPLATE & .XMP format (for desktop) and DNG (for mobile).

Start making more revenue with your creative services by posting an offer on our Marketplace.

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