A Unique 2-month Experience for a Model / Performance Artist and Makeup Artist - Join Johan Grundin's Electric Art Tour Europe, Spring 2024!

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Casting ends January 27, 2024
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? Electric Art Tour Europe 2024: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity to discover the magical cities of Europe! ? Málaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Cannes, Genoa, Milan, Zurich, Cologne, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Paris, Toulouse, Andorra, Valencia and Marbella. Dive into Spring with Europe's Most Electrifying Art Tour! Are you a dynamic performance artist or model with a passion for dance and performance? AND you also have a creative side to doing makeup. Imagine journeying through Europe's iconic cities during the bloom of spring, being the living canvas for renowned artist Johan Grundin, all while traveling in the sleek silence of a Tesla X and experiencing the luxury of Hilton Hotels. Your Role in this Artistic Odyssey: As the centerpiece of the live performance events, you'll be transformed through body paint, light, and laser, embracing the beauty of the human form in its most authentic state and then performing in front of an audience, bringing the art to life. When not in the spotlight, you're expected to assist in setting up mesmerizing events, facilitating transformative workshops, attending prestigious art fairs, and occasionally taking the wheel of our Tesla. You'll be more than just a model; you'll be an integral part of this journey. The Grand European Tour: Starting from the vibrant streets of Madrid, journeying through the romantic boulevards of Paris, the historic alleys of London, and beyond, you'll experience Europe like never before. The tour kicks off in Málaga on 20th February 2024 and concludes in Marbella mid-April 2024. About Johan Grundin: An Artist, Visionary, and Entrepreneur Johan Grundin is not just an artist; he's a visionary. With a career that spans decades, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional art forms, forging a unique path that seamlessly blends creativity, innovation, and empowerment. Beyond the canvas, Johan is a seasoned entrepreneur, having run multiple companies, and is a respected teacher, mentor, and motivator in the realms of design, marketing, and business. Drawing inspiration from legends like Yves Klein, Grundin’s artistry is a vivid celebration of life in all its hues. His creations are more than just visual spectacles; they are experiences, journeys that beckon viewers to introspect, connect, and understand. What We Seek: A female model with a deep passion for dance and performance. Comfort with body paint, nudity and performances. Your have a creative side and are skilled in makeup. A lifestyle that aligns with health and wellness: non-smoker, no or minimal alcohol consumption, and no drugs. Flexibility, an easy-going nature, a positive mindset, and readiness for an adventure that, while rewarding, can also be challenging. A driver's license. You need to cover your own flight expenses to and from Málaga if you're from another country.


20 to 45
160 to 180


Paid shoot or event
What's in it for You: Compensation with invaluable experience (please indicate your expected salary for two months). A harmonious blend of work and leisure, where you not only showcase your talent but also immerse yourself in the beauty of Europe's mos

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We start in Malaga, Spain.

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