Looking for Models/Artists to create images Virtually/Remote shoot

Casting ends December 28, 2022
Collaborative shoot or event
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Hey Creative Artists. If shooting Virtually sounds interesting to you and you want to explore the possibilities of exploring this area of shooting then please drop me a msg and we can connect for further discussion. Virtual shoots are done through various apps, mainly Facetime and Shutter App. And I use both of these depending on the models I shoot with nad their preferences. Main requirements for Virtual Shoots:- 1) Phone 2) Good Internet Connection 3) Ideas that we both can discuss 4) A place, could be your house/garden/park or anywhere we can shoot depending on the availability and models preference. Thanks Ash


18 to 45


Collaborative shoot or event
TFP. We will work together and create some amazing content. Approx. 30 images depending on how many sets we shoot.

Online or in person job / collaboration

Application for this casting has been closed
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