Fashion Model Directory: A database as first base

Founded in 1996, the - a.k.a FMD, is the world's largest database of professional fashion models, fashion designers/brands and modeling agencies.

FMD is part of the Fashion One Group - one of the world's leading online fashion groups - who enjoy worldwide acclaim for developing new fashion platforms and technological innovations. Fashion Model Directory's self-proclaimed mission is to represent and manage fashion projects and to provide the most accurate professional information and search results for the fashion industry.

With a pretty pristine track record, is widely considered one of the most reliable and accurate information sources in the fashion business. A sliding membership scale offer different levels according to budget.

Fashion Model Directory works on two levels for and with its members: compiling the most accurate information online on its models, whilst inviting the models themselves to add more details. It also invites members to comment and leave their two cents' worth if they've had a particularly good or bad experience.

You get the feeling that as well as knowing their stuff, the people behind Fashion Model Directory are also savvy to the scams and scum of the modeling world (every ocean has its oysters, plankton and predators). This shines through in various nifty features: a handy verification process for agencies that alerts models to who's credible and who's dubious. attracts and retains a continually growing fashion community with discussion boards as well as many useful features, including a database of rising fashion designers, further upcoming professional databases that are free of charge, and a whopping great archive of images.

Divided into several sections the Fashion Model Directory site covers the ins and outs of the modeling world. It features models, photographers, magazines, videos, pictures and forums in which folks from all walks of the modeling world can log on and have their say.

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