Jun 23

From fashion editorials to architecture, Jérôme Pannetier has a unique touch for photography


See from Jérôme Pannetier’s eyes all the steps you need to follow in order to have a successful photo shoot!

May 8

Dana & Stéphane Maitec, a couple in real life and behind the camera!


Check out this interview to learn more about this talented duo photographers!

May 6

ModelManagement Student Casting Initiative is LIVE!


Find out how ModelManagement.com can help your school and students succeed in your next project by helping you to find the perfect models!

Mar 6

Mario Testino´s Towel Series


Check out our Top 10 of Mario Testino´s Towel Series!

Mar 2

Meet Urban Outfitters Photographer Harry Cooke!


Check out Harry Cooke and his brilliant fashion photography!

Feb 10

Judit Mateu: an aspiring model and her first professional photo shoot


The exciting story of an aspiring model and her first photo shoot. Check out the final result!

Jan 23

Fresh Faces Grand Finals – an unforgettable experience for Valerio, the man behind the camera!


Want to know what is like to work for the Fresh Faces Grand Finals!? Check out Valerio Tantarantana – the offical FTV videographer of this great event!

Jan 15

Design and photography – the perfect combination for the talented Coletta Ehrmann


Check out Coletta Ehrmann, a designer and a photographer from Germany.

Jan 14

A talk with Caspar Arnhold – man of many talents


Find out more about the photographer, film and commercial director and producer Caspar Arnhold.

Jan 13

Stare, it’s the way to educate your eye!


Get to know the amazing Mirella Sleenhoff and discover her exciting combinations of soul and art!

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