May is Mental Health Awareness Month and from we wanted to talk about this and encourage people to work on their Mental Health. Specifically, since models are constantly exposed to rejection, we focused on rejection and mental health in the industry.  Because all models have been rejected at least once. Rejection is something common within the modeling industry, but of course, some models, especially aspiring, still take it as a personal problem. Sometimes we don’t take into account how people might get affected by this so we decided to put together some testimonials to talk about it under the hashtag #IWasRejectToo.

What is the Meaning of Success?

First of all, we decided to ask some professional models what was their concept of success, as this is what might lead to think “I am not successful enough to be in it”. Which are the milestones to take to be a successful professional? Different models answer these questions from diverse perspectives and teach us that, at the end, success is personal, and your attitude is essential to become successful.


The Fear of Rejection

Models attend many castings, and they eventually get rejected, so everyone who wants to be part of the modeling industry needs to be aware that is a part of the journey and that it doesn’t define how good you are. For this, we reunited 13 professional models who were rejected too. In this video they share their experiences about being rejected by modeling agencies, casting directors, etc. They also explain how they got over the fear of rejection and give some tips to aspiring models.

Models who appear on the video: Rebecca Pace, Angelika dela Torre, Alejandro Balaguer, Pablo Félix, Alicia Durán, Jamy, Nadin Muñoz, Nini Amerlise, Luana Giorgio, Sura Uysal, Rita Cabassa, Masha Syta, and Shany Black.  The aim of this video is to normalize rejection and encourage aspiring models to not give up.

Rejection on Social Media

We did an Instagram Live with the model and influencer Brigita. Besides having vitiligo, a skin condition in which some patches of skin lose color, she is also a plus-size model. Brigita has dealt with not-so-positive comments on social media, but that has never stopped her from pursuing her modeling career.

How to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like Giving Up?

If you’ve lived a rejection experience, you’ve probably had the feeling like you want to give up. However, as cliché as it might sound, the key is to keep trying. In this video, 12 professional models who were rejected explain how to stay motivated when they feel like giving up.

How to Reject Someone Nicely

Professionals are usually looking for a very specific profile and not everyone fits the characteristics. However, it is not easy to reject someone and tell them they aren’t selected. In this video, we reunited Marzenka Kwintera a professional published photographer; Nini Amerlise, model and agency director, and Heidi Gretel Meza, an HR and Mental Health expert. They will explain how to reject someone nicely and their criteria on how they do it.

Tips to Overcome Rejection

Heidi Gretel Meza, an HR and Mental Health expert, shared with us a few tips to take care of your Mental Health, how you can overcome rejection and stay motivated.


Mindfulness for Models

Self-love and confidence are essential to have a good and positive attitude towards rejection in modeling. Models need to take care of themselves, not just physically, but mentally. For that, we arranged a Mindfulness x Models Live session through Instagram with our ambassador Rita. She answered some of the most popular questions about rejection and mental health, and gave some tips on how to be mentally prepared for a casting experience.

At, we believe everyone can be a model, and for that reason, we created these series on Rejection and Mental Health. You must take into account that rejection is part of the industry and you can’t take it too personally. Sometimes you are not what professionals are looking for in a specific project, and that is all. You must keep working hard because someday you will get a YES. And if you want to get ready for that huge opportunity, keep going and try the Model Academy, where we will teach you everything you need to know about the industry.

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