Online projects are increasingly present in the Modeling Industry. The online modality has allowed professionals to connect with models from all over the world, increasing the number of results and improving time efficiency in projects.

Jacob Fisher 3D Artist/Animator/Producer at a company called Sparrow-Seven in Washington, DC, USA is an example of a professional who has had a favorable experience doing an online project. Despite not being a photographer or involved in the modeling industry, the online projects have helped him get work done for the company he works for.

online projects in the modeling industry

Sparrow-Seven is a company dedicated to creating real experiences for clients building affinity between brands and consumers. Sparrow-Seven has already used for some of the photoshoots they’ve needed, but this time, because of the Covid-19 situation and the project they had in mind, they wanted to get day-to-day photos of models for a machine learning project. So they used the platform to create an online project and get the necessary material.

For the project, they chose 12 models through from around the world. The benefits of machine learning having a large number of images is that the more images and the more diversity it collects, the better the software can learn and the better results can be obtained.

“For this project, we were looking for most relaxed, real-world photos of models, instead of the normal posed, studio shots. To accomplish this, we used the platform and we were able to go direct to the model.  We could target specific locations, ethnic diversity, skin types, body shapes, hair color, and more.  We had complete control over the selection of models we wanted to use and were able to talk directly to the model throughout the entire process” says Jacob Fisher.

online castings in the modeling industry

Online projects achieve different results, says Jacob Fisher. “We let the model hold the camera in their hands and take control of the process.  This enabled the model to look at their own photos more critically, were they getting the look they wanted, the right light, the right angle, etc. It empowered the model in a new way”.

In addition, being able to scout worldwide gives the professional a great deal of freedom. “There’s a magic in model selection through that’s hard to describe. You are looking for something without knowing what it is. But when the entire world is your casting network, it’s pretty easy to find it” says Jacob Fisher.

In online projects, communication between the professional and the model is very important in order to achieve the expected results. offers a private messaging service to make communication and connection secure and easy.

Jacob Fisher says he is happy with the result and will use again in the future for both online and offline projects.

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