Are tattoos risky for modeling jobs?

We would like to discuss today a controversial subject that we think many models and aspiring models might be super interested in. Since we’re living in a world that’s constantly evolving and the old values are replaced by new trends, the question of having a tattoo (or several) as a model arises. It’s nothing against the law to have a tattoo and still be able to model.

There are a lot of models that have tattoos and are successful at their job, nowadays there are even models who get modeling jobs thanks to their tattoos! But I would still advice you to choose something small and have it done in a place where you can hide it or where it’s not too visible.

For catwalk models, things could change as there are a lot of designer houses that don’t accept models with tattoos. It’s just because sometimes the tattoo you have, might not go with the fashion style they represent, it all depends on the brands you work for.
If you decide to have a tattoo and then regret it, you can always have it removed. With today’s technology everything is possible! But I would recommend thinking twice before you decide to take the step and visualise what you want from your modeling career, so you won’t be sorry about it later.

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