Today we’d like to introduce Jasmine, a Premium Unlimited model on We talked with her about her first steps in modeling business, what she loves the most about modeling and what advantages she sees in being connected through platforms like She also has some advices for you, if you want to be a model.

©Linus Morales When did you decide to become a model? Did you plan your career or was it coincidence?

Jasmine: When I was a kid, people always told me that I should be a model. I remember one time when I was 14 year old; I was on Malta as a student for one month. It was my first trip abroad without my parents and many people there thought I was a famous model. I believe my thoughts about having a model career started there. I never saw myself like a beautiful girl, so I was really surprised I had that reactions. Later that year I happened to be called to a casting in my city. I took that job and it was my first shooting in my life.

As a person I am really shy and I didn’t believe I would be brave enough in front of the camera. Somehow I totally changed in front of the camera, I loved it already then – It was like falling in love for the first time. When I was 17 I understood that I want to become a great model travelling worldwide! So I started to apply to agencies and soon I got really good response. I packed my bag and I went to Milano, yes that was fun. Today I´ve been at places I could never imagine I would ever visit. China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Cyprus, America, Great Britain, Turkey, Montenegro, Serbia – and more.

I have done amazing shootings, commercials, TV shows and fashion shows worldwide! I met so cool people in the industry like Nigel Barker, Janice Dickinson, Roberto Cavalli and more.  I feel really blessed and I try remembering myself everyday how lucky I am.

MM: You are using Instagram and have a personal blog. How important is for you to stay in contact with your social media fan base?

J: Yes I do. For me it’s more fun than important. I want to put more time on my social networks, but I believe I put enough time to inspire other people and that is what I want. I always try to answer as many questions as I can. I get a lot of new jobs through my Instagram and blog – and that is also great!

MM: Do you think every model should have a profile on a platform like

J: Yes! Since I started use I start to get more connections worldwide, it helped me to get in contact with new agencies, photographers and models worldwide. With I get more options!

MM: Being a model can make life really stressful. How your day is usually scheduled?

J: Yes it can. Many people believe modeling is very glamorous, most of the time it’s not. First, the days can look so different. Sometime I start at 5:00 in the morning, and sometimes I start at 17:00. Sometimes the shooting takes 3 hours, sometimes it takes 10. Sometimes I fly to other country and sometime not. Sometimes the job is for many days, sometimes everything goes so fast. All models need to go to castings and some days there can be 2 and someday there can be 10. As a model you need to be ready for anything – and that is what makes it hard. There are no routines – but for me that is also something positive, because in the model industry anything can happen and that makes it so awesome and it makes me feel alive!

MM: What advice do you have for aspiring models who want to get their career started?

J: Contact serious agencies. Send natural pictures of yourself. If you can – go and visit the office and show yourself, try to fix a meeting. You can also start take professional pictures! Contact photographers and ask them for making a test shooting. Of course be a member of! Never give up!

MM: What advantages do you find on having a Premium Unlimited membership on

J: Being a premium member makes it possible to apply for all castings and with that opportunity its a bigger chance to get more jobs. I always give my model friends the advice to join this site. I can guarantee it will help them with their career. I believe is a big plus for a model today. The biggest agencies and brands are scouting here and here you can really get discovered! One thing that I really love about is that they send emails how you can become more successful as a model and updating you about upcoming castings near you.

We are proud to have a model like Jasmine in our community! To see more of her amazing photos, check out her profile!

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