How to take a modeling picture of yourself

Do you need a professional photographer to take your own modeling photos?

Nowadays both modeling and photography are popular as never before. A lot of people consider themselves good models, as well as a great deal of them believe to be outstanding photographers. And it is important to be aware of the fact in case you intend to or already are a model, and your plan is to move forward in model community. Why? If you simply do couple of clicks and check on the Internet, you will easily find numerous sexy women photos, teen models, female models, male models’ photos, videos and so on. But how would you choose worthy ones, if you’d have been one of those who are looking for models? That’s a good question, because an answer to it could contain valuable tips for models and particularly model photography tips. First of all, it is all about photo quality.

Normally in people’s minds the phrase “photo quality” is associated with a professional photographer. Is it so? Do you really need one to make your pictures look professional? Well, it could be an option. But as we are living in a rapidly moving reality, that option for you as a model may not always be easily accessible in a short period of time. What are the alternatives then? Take model pictures by yourself. Yes, you heard it right – take model pictures by yourself! With all the technological possibilities, we have today, and a couple of good tips and instructions the alternative may contribute to your career of a model greatly, save you some money and time.

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Model photography tips

So, let’s say you have decided to be a photographer for yourself. Where do you start? Because, obviously, you need some “how to” instructions. Here you need to ask yourself what you know about model photography. And that’s going to be your departure point. To get good pictures rule number one is to be good at posing. Moreover, posing is solely your job. In addition, no matter how photogenic you are, if your posing skills are far from perfection, you may not expect impressive images. So, the mirror is your best friend!

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Feel free to spend a lot of time in its company learning how to make your body demonstrate its beauty to the full. Because that’s important independently of whether you are only a model or a model and a photographer at the same time.

What’s next? You - your mind, face and figure – are important, without a doubt. But the background is not less important. And the only secret of it making your pictures outstanding is that it should never stand out. You must be the center of attention. The background should be a plate, not a dish. And the same rule is applicable to your clothes, make-up and a hairdo. These are few very basic, but very important model photography tips you should always keep in mind.

Why posing is so important when you are taking model pictures of yourself?

Knowing the basic model photography tips can help you a lot in the process of taking model pictures of yourself. And if a “master degree” in posing means a lot for success of model pictures in general, then when you are taking model pictures by yourself it is ten times more important.

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If you are working with a photographer, he always sees you though his camera and can correct your posture, face expression, etc., so the photo is directed, as a little performance. But when you are both model and photographer this option is not available. You can correct only post factum, which means you will need to have more time and patience. So…

How do you look good in photos taken by yourself?

If you happened to take model pictures of yourself remember and practice the following:

-Your smile should never be a fake. In the meaning that you don’t need to copy anyone. Smile your smile. It is natural and reflects your personality, that’s why it is the most beautiful, and that’s why it makes you beautiful.

-Understand when your eyes are over-rotating. It is much easier, than many people think – always follow the line of your nose to avoid over-rotating.

-You need to “feel” how far you can turn your head so your nose avoids “hitting” your cheek. Remember that mirror – your faithful friend – will help you as no one else here. Spend some time in front of it to understand what angle is ok.

-Elongating your neck will “add” couple of inches to your heights. More over this trick is good for demonstrating poise.

-Make sure you create separation between your limbs and your body. Don’t press them against your body to avoid having them “squashed”. You will benefit doing so, because it will make you look “slimmer” over all.

-Keep your hands loose. It always creates a nice image.

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But except for posing techniques you need to remember these few next tips as well:

-Use simple, one-color background (preferably light, but it depends on what are you wearing).

-Don’t use clothes that hide/deform your body. The same, actually, relates to make-up.

-Have a basic understanding of light. You may want, for example, to raise your arm posing, but be aware of the light source in the case, so the arm does not cast a shade across your face.

-EXPERIMENT! So you understand how to take the best for your model pictures by yourself.

Good luck! Make yourself shine among the numerous and diverse representatives of model community!

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