Fresh Faces Photographer Tess Masero Brioso talked to us about the power of pictures, courage to take risks and the impossibility to do wrong in photography. Check it out!

Already at a very young age, Tess Masero Brioso discovered her passion and talent in working with a camera. Starting with home movies with an old 8mm camcorder, Tess has been for a long time an expert in all kind of cameras and ways of using them; photographing as well as filming.

We had the pleasure to have the multi-talented young photographer in our Fresh Faces Grand Finals team and her presence as well as her work delighted us to the highest.

By Tess Masero Brioso

Due to Tess‘ exceptional talent and driving passion, she has established her name in the photography and film business and was honoured with countless awards a few times.

The intensity of her pictures is absorbing and reveal an intimate and special perspective. But please enjoy yourself the enchanting interview accompanied by her amazing pictures; they tell its own tale!

By Tess Masero Brioso

Modelmanagement: Tess, you work as a film director and as a photographer. What fascinates you about these 2 worlds?

Tess Masero Brioso: What fascinates me about these two worlds is the power that an image, in photography or film,  has to create emotion in the viewer. It always surprises me how some images can create such strong feelings. I like that an image or work of film can generate an unexpected and new thought or emotion which the viewer would never have experienced prior to viewing the work.

Picture by Tess Masero Brioso

MM: With your photography you are covering many fields, from water drops to beauty portraits. What do you like most to photograph and why?

 TMB: I love to try many different photographic styles. When I see a picture that I like I research the technique and then try to recreate and improve upon the technique myself. So far I have really enjoyed every photographic session that I have done.

By Tess Masero Brioso

If I have to pick one, then maybe the series that I have enjoyed the most so far is ‘Ciudad Aljarafe With My Cousin’. Not so much because of the style of the pictures but because of how I felt when I was taking them. On the day of shooting everything was perfect. I was in Seville on holidays visiting my family and the weather was fantastic. I asked my cousin if she wanted to go for a walk and to take pictures and she loved the idea. I really enjoyed that moment because it was unplanned. It was something that I really felt like doing just at that moment and so it was spontaneous and very relaxing. I didn’t tell her anything, I just followed her around and took lots of pictures. Here, I have included a link to the series.

I also love photographing lightning – I think that is because I’m a passionate fan of meteorological phenomena.

Tess Masero Brioso Photography

MM: Already from a young age, you reached a very high status of professionalism by handling all kinds of cameras. Can you give some advice to aspiring photographers wanting to experiment with different cameras?

TMB: Yes, I would tell them not to be scared of the change. The unknown can be scary, but without risk there is no reward or improvement. You have to do something wrong to know how to do it right, and doing it wrong doesn’t mean failure. I would say to keep trying until you get it right; and if they feel really desperate with the new camera just search for tutorials online. It is almost certain that someone else has already been in the same situation.

By Tess Masero Brioso

MM: Being a professional behind the lens for photographs and films, what is the most important quality to have when working with a tool such as a camera?

By Tess Masero Brioso

TMB: It depends on the area in which you are working but I guess that, in general, you need to be both hardworking and creative. Humility helps also because there is nothing worse than working with or under someone who, mistakenly, believes that knows everything.  But really just be patient, keep trying and carry out research on how to improve in both technical and creative areas. Don’t be scared to ask if you don’t know how to do something.

MM: With your astonishing work you are covering film making as well as photography. What gained more importance for you, the imaginary creativity or the technical possibilities?

By Tess Masero Brioso

TMB: The most important for me is the imaginary creativity. It is more important to have a good idea than a good camera. Anyone nowadays can have good equipment, but not everyone has a good idea. It is the idea that will bring you far.

MM: Working with models for movies as well as for photography, what are the most important characteristics for a model or an actor to present him/herself in the best way in front of the lens? And how can a model or an actor practice these attributes?

By Tess Masero Brioso

TMB: I have more experience working with actors than with models, so I don’t know if the same applies for both, but with actors, the most important characteristic is to be natural and relaxed in front of the camera. It doesn’t really matter how you look as long as you are comfortable. There will always be a director or photographer searching for someone with your look for a role. Don’t despair and keep putting yourself out there. Finally, try to be down-to-earth and not arrogant.

MM: As a holder of many awards for your work, we cannot wait for your next project. Can you reveal to us when and where we will have the pleasure to see your next project?

TMB: I always have many projects going on at any particular moment, both in photography and film. I keep busy all the time. I don’t like the feeling of not making progress, so I always find something to do.
With photography, I’m researching several techniques for a couple of photographic series that I have in mind at the moment.
And with film I’m working on my first feature and trying to get some funding for it. Hopefully I will be able to film it within the coming months. Otherwise I just work on whatever projects that come along to keep learning!
Finally, for updates on my work, you can follow me at the links listed below.
Thank you for the interview!

Tess Masero Brioso photography

We thank you Tess for this charming interview and for your amazing pictures!

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