[:en]From the first application picture to international model images. Do you recognize our Fresh face Nicole comparing before and after?[:]
[:en]Meet the gorgeous 15-year-old new face Nicole discovered by Central Models through Fresh Faces Portugal 2013!

Where evrything began: Fresh Faces Portugal

After winning the Fresh Faces Portugal 2013 Finals as well as a contract with Central Models, Nicole got chosen by the Fresh Faces Judges (Top Model Luis Borges was one of them) to come to Barcelona together with other 29 aspiring models to take part in the Fresh Faces 2013 World Finals, presenting the top 30 new faces discovered around the world through the Fresh Faces 2013 online contest. 15-year-old Nicole was the youngest contestant at the Grand Finals and proved all the others how motivated and fearless she is to go for her dreams no matter what.

With choreography coach Marie Ange Schmitt
Photography by Ansgar Werrelmann

And her discipline proved to be endless. Two days of model-drill and the young girl never stopped smiling, real professional. Walking up and down the catwalk the whole day, accompanied by the rhythmic clapping of famous catwalk-choreographer Marie Ange Schmitt, Nicole was permanently on the (high-heel)run for the two days of Fresh Faces.

Natural talent on the catwalk… photo by Sandi Vives

Practice became almost an obsession. But not only her feet got exposed like the ones of a ballerina, permanent flashing light surrounded her continuously during the two days of strict preparation for the big finals.

Bang! By Sandi Vives

The arduousness turned quickly to account, when the young model was elected to present the wedding dress- the fashion show’s highlight.

Last advices from Ange Marie Schmitt, byTess Masero Brioso
Nicole in a Ramon Herrerias Bridal Gown at the Fresh Faces 2013 Grand Final

Being in front of the lens of numerous reputable international photographers, she quickly adapted the conversion of the multiple photographer’s approaches. Nicole’s rapid development during the Fresh Faces days was captured in an impressive final editorial shoot with renowned photographer Victor Moscardo.

Fresh Faces 2013 Editorial Shoot by Victor Moscardo’

In the end, Nicole didn’t win but she was one of the top 3 finalists as chosen by the judges and there were many people in the audience who cheering for her and she left Barcelona without the desired award of Fresh Face of 2013 – BUT she managed to go back to Portugal with her hands full of experience and infinite international career opportunities.. which for a girl who is only 15 this is worth like pure gold!

What happens now is the rapid rise of her career in just within a few weeks from the Fresh Faces 2013 Grand Finals, true fairytale-style! The 15-year-old beauty proves that she was born for this career making her a real natural talent. Here are some recent snaps of Nicole provided by Central Models showing her development from being fresh face to professional model:

Central Models
Central Models
Central Models

With this sudden raise beyond any comparison we are sure to see Nicole more than once in fashion magazines and on international catwalks around the world! (may she become the next Sara Sampaio of the Victoria’s Secret Catwalks?!)

Make the fairytale your own next time! The easiest way to step into the model business is Fresh Faces 2014 which is waiting to spread its wings soon, so keep your eyes open!

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