ESEE is the market-leading agency for high-level Chinese models and high-end models in general. What makes it so successful and what it takes to travel all the fashion metropolis of the world, working as ESEE model, is revealed to us by Radek Kantor. Don't dare to miss it!!

Exceptional Asian beauty Fan was the main attraction on the night of the Fresh Faces 2013 Grand Finals. Actually, it’s not a surprise at all, as the model has been discovered by one of the best model developers coming from THE talent bench in the model industry:

Radek Kantor from ESEE models in Shanghai.

Fan with Radek from ESEE, photographed by Mireia Valenti

Prestigeous ESEE has established itself a reputation as one of the best agencies for discovering and developing high-level Chinese models, thanks to the distinctive eye for the very special ones of model scout Radek Kantor.

Having their finger everywhere in the model-pie, ESEE is of course also represented in New York, Milan, Paris and all the other places of the world where fashion gives the beat.

ESEE Model Fei Fei Sun for Prada

So it is not astonishing at all, that names like Prada, Vogue, ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar are daily business for the ESEE models, and now also for our Fresh Faces winner Fan.

fei fei
Next Vogue Cover: Fei Fei Sun from ESEE

We were really pleasured to enjoy a talk with the man, who is responsible for TopModels  like Fei Fei Sun and Kiki Kang and of course for our Fresh Face Fan; Radek Kantor. Read, learn and enjoy!

Modelmanagement: What does it mean to you as an agency to win the Fresh Faces 2013 Grand Finals with your model?

Radek Kantor:  It gives us more recognition, internationally speaking.

ESEE model Kiki Kang for ELLE, shot by Alberto Tommaso Badalamenti

MM:  How was the experience of participating in a modeling contest together with other modeling agencies from around the world?

RK: It was a very good opportunity for me to put faces on the names of people, I work with from some important agencies around the world.

MM: What does a model need to have to become one of the New Faces of your agency?

RK: Beauty, intelligence and the most important thing: good personality!

Adam Kaszewski from ESEE for Fucking young!

MM: What struck you the most of your model when you discovered him/her during the local contest? 

RK: As I said for newcomer models, it was her beauty and her personality.

MM: How did you coach your model for the Fresh Faces 2013 Grand Finals? What was the main advice you gave to the model before leaving to Barcelona? 

RK: I said to Fan to be confident and keep smiling!!!

Fei Fei Sun from the ESEE family for Vogue China
Fei Fei Sun from the ESEE family for Vogue China

MM: Which importance do you as an agency assign to the Fresh Faces Modeling contest by How important are new faces in your agency? 

RK: Fresh Faces is one of the most important contests, where you can discover many new good models with so much potential to become a future top model! Every agency needs new faces, because this market is evolving day by day and the competition is very strong.

Esee Model Management
Esee Model Management

MM: What career developments do you expect for newcomer models, after winning an international contest such as Fresh Faces? 

RK: For new models, after winning FRESH FACES, I am expecting the model to be signed by worldwide agencies and to be a successful model and be recognized internationally!

ESEE Models

Thank you, Radek for this extremely interesting insight into the world of ESEE and thank you ESEE for enriching us with all these great models!

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