Amazing beauty, catching personality. Fan from ESEE Models won the Fresh Faces 2013 Grand Finals on all levels. Now we had the pleasure to get an exclusive interview with the Chinese model to convince ourselves of her qualities. You should continue reading to do as well!

She came, she was seen, she conquered.

What we are talking about, is the monumental night of the 15th of October 2013, Barcelona, W Hotel. We are talking about the one and only;

Fan from ESEE Models.

Fan By Jordi Blancafort

Its a story about beauty and success. Its a story about the Fresh Faces 2013 Contest by

A night, which forms the model business – and two rising stars. You have been already introduced to our enchanting male winner Bogdan from Romania, now its time to meet model Fan from China, 2013 Fresh Faces winner.

Discovered and accompanied by Radek Kantor from prestigious ESEE Models Agency, Fan came to Barcelona to participate at her very first model contest, the Fresh Faces 2013 Grand Finals.

Fan by Jordi Blancafort, W Hotel

Fan used the chance to prove her model talent on the catwalk and convinced photographers as well as the jury with her professional performance during the photo shoot and of course with the irresistible results.

But please, let the pictures tell its own tale and enjoy in between the fascinating interview about Asian models and international contracts with the model of the year: Fan.

Fan by Lee Harris

Modelmanagement: Why did you decide to take part in the Fresh Faces Contest? How did you find out about Fresh Faces?

Fan: I heard about this contest through my Chinese mother agency ESEE Models.

MM: What does it mean to you to be the winner of Fresh Faces 2013? How do you think, it will influence your model career?

Fan: To win this competition makes me realize, how important this career is for me. I think, winning this competition, is going to give me the opportunity to get into important model markets such as Milan, London, NY, Paris, etc. After winning this contest, I have been signed with agencies in Spain, London, Paris, Milan, Switzerland and Germany!

Photographed by Sandi Vives

MM: What do you think was the crucial factor for your success in winning the Fresh Faces award?
Fan: I think, I have a unique look. It is not because I am Asian, but I can portrait classic and modern looks.

MM: How did you prepare at home for the Fresh Faces 2013 Grand Finals in Barcelona?

Fan: I have amazing coaches in ESEE models, who teached me some important tools and skills.

Fan by Lee Harris

MM: How did you experience the days in Barcelona, how helpful was the coaching here for you?

Fan: It was an amazing experience, as it was the first time for me to be in a competition and get coached by international choreographers and experts.

MM: How did you experience the organization and the program of the whole event?

Fan: It was such a wonderful event and all was very well prepared and organized.

Phototgraphed by Jordi Blancafort

MM: Coming from China, you had a really long journey to the Contest in Barcelona, how was your experience?

Fan: It was a surprise for me to be the winner, as its hard for asian models to get positioned in this market. But I never stopped believing in my dream, which is to be a successful model.

Photographed by Mireia Valenti

MM: And how have you been welcomed back home as the Fresh Faces winner? What were the reactions of friends and family?

Fan: When I won, I first called my family and they were very happy and excited. In Barcelona, I shared this wonderful moment with RADEK KANTOR, who is the director of the international division ESEE MM, and who was accompanying me in Spain during the contest.

Behind the scenes – by Tess Masero Brioso

MM: As Fresh Faces 2013 Winner, what tips and advices do you give to all the thousands of aspiring models wanting to be part of Fresh Faces 2014?

Fan: Trust in your goals and follow your dreams – NEVER GIVE UP!

Thank you a lot Fan for this encouraging interview and loveliest congratulations to you and of course to ESEE Models. We can’t wait to see more of you!

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