BBHMM (“B*tch better have my money!”) is the latest controversial video clip of Rihanna.

Rihanna in B**** Better have my money video

Everyone on the web is curious about it, and go through different phases of feelings while watching it. From arty pleasure, to disgust and pain, Rihanna once again proves she’s is a buzz queen and leaves you speechless and puzzled at the end of the video she co-directed herself. Is all the buzz more about the blood and the cruelty of the video or about the lyrics of the song? To be honest, we don’t know. The esthetic elements, the colors and the environment depicted in the video are definitely enjoyable, the final result is beautiful and looks like a movie full of inspirations but also of violence. Can everything be accepted under the name of Art? We’ll leave this up to you.. However, what interests us in the video for now is the cast. Have you noticed this beautiful blond hair girl playing bad girls with Rihanna?

Sita Abellán in Rihanna’s videoclip

Her name is Sita Abellán, she won a previous edition of Fresh faces and is now an accomplished model and DJ.

Sita previous Fresh Faces Winner

Fresh Faces allowed her to be seen by agencies and other professionals of the modeling industry who recognized her talent and made her the winner of the edition. She got thrown into the spotlight after her Fresh Faces experience and today she is signed with Wilhelmina Models.

Sita at the Fresh Faces’ final

You can now see the amazing results of all her hard work. She became in few years a real icon with her punky techno style and her unique personality. We are really proud every time we see the success stories of our aspiring models and wish her all the best!!

Sita backstage with Rihanna

Maybe it’s your turn to shine! Get exposure and give a new boost to your modeling career. Exposure means opportunities. So apply now to Fresh Faces 2015, make yourself seen by fashion fans, professionals and agencies to be the next Sita Abellán to appear in our success stories articles.

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