Getting started in the fashion industry can seem complicated at times. It’s completely normal not knowing where to start, what you should know, how to create connections… Our ambassador and professional photographer Meri Sanz gathered 5 essential tips on how to become a fashion photographer. Keep reading!

Getting into fashion photography

1. Find references

When you want to become a fashion photographer, it is very important that you do your research. It is interesting to know who have been the great photographers in the history of fashion, the greatest fashion designers of the last times, successful movies that can inspire you, which are the top fashion magazines of the moment, etc. This is important because it all allows you to see what has been done, what has been the evolution of fashion over the years, what trends have been worn and why. It will also help you to see what you like the most and how you can incorporate it into your photographs. In order to create something new, we must take a look at the past.

2. Learn the vocabulary of the industry

Each discipline has its own terminology and colloquial jargon. It is very important that you know what terms are used in your field, how they refer to different concepts of the profession, concepts such as: Go see, Editorial, Test, Campaign, Briefing, Shooting, Setting… And many more concepts that you will learn little by little, but it is important that you know them, apply them and integrate them into your language.

3. Choose your discipline

This is one of the most important steps on how to become a fashion photographer. You have to have in mind that within fashion photography, there are different subjects, disciplines. We can find editorial photography, e-commerce, advertising campaigns, product or still life, and fashion shows.

From my point of view, it is key that you try everything you can. Only then, you will find out what you like, what you don’t like, and what you can incorporate into your work. You can move between all of them and have a wide photographic background and be multidisciplinary, or you can specialize only in one as a professional.

4. Create your personal style

I think one of the things that define an artist the most, whatever the field is, is their style. To find your own style, you must first try everything that crosses your mind, everything that generates curiosity in you, try it. Because you never know what might come out, and that’s wonderful. Experimentation is probably one of the keys to finding your style.

At this point, it will be very useful to have researched in photographic or cinematographic references, to know what look you want to give to your photographs.

5. Practice, practice, and practice

If you’re still wondering how to become a fashion photographer, there are no more secrets. Practice, test, make mistakes, and get it right. As I said before, you must play, try new things, be in constant learning and improvement. Only by doing this, you will be able to feel your process, your evolution, and your work. You can start doing test shoots with models. If you want to start now, create a casting for free on and start shooting!

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