Our modeling community is for all types of models, including fashion models, plus size models, alternative models, senior models and the list goes on. Check out these top tips on how to make your model profile look awesome and more importantly attractive to agencies, photographers and clients who are looking to work with a model.

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1. Good quality photos

It is not a secret that photographers, agencies and clients, first of all, notice the quality of the pictures. Try to avoid uploading photos made on your phone. If you have a camera or your friend owns one, do not hesitate to use it! One of the easiest ways to do it is to shoot a natural look and use daylight. Choose a plain background, perhaps a wall or a landscape and keep it simple. Important fact to remember, the minimum requirement of uploaded photos on ModelManagement.com is three.

2. Clear photo of your face

Photos in sunglasses or where you have turned your face away from the camera, makes it impossible to see you properly, which is crucial for the person watching the photo. Instead, take a simple portrait of yourself looking directly at the camera.

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3. Avoid Selfies or Snapchat filters

Industry members who check your profile do not take selfies or Snapchat filters seriously, so it is better to leave those for your social media accounts.

Kylie Jenner on Snapchat

4. Group shots can be confusing for the client or photographer

Photos with groups of friends is a nice idea, but not when you are a model! Try to upload photos only of yourself, as it makes it easier for people to see exactly the kind of model you are and looks more professional.

5. Night photography

Try to avoid night photography pictures where the light is low, as it is difficult to see how you will look on a real shoot. Daylight photos or studio lighting (if you have shot with a professional photographer) is always the best option!

6. Polaroid


Polaroids are a classic industry standard for agents and photographers to see how you look without make-up, hair styling and Photoshop. Try to find a plain wall as background and do a neutral face and a pose.

7. Connect your profile to Instagram

Everybody loves looking at models on Instagram and with our community you get the benefit of showing your model photos professionally on your profile and also your daily feed from Instagram all in one place!

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That’s it! Now your profile will look attractive and will give you the best chance of being hired. If you need model photos from a professional photographer, be sure to keep your eye on our castings pages, where great photographers are regularly offering TFP (Trade For Prints) shoots. These are joint collaborations between a model and a photographer, where the photographer may try out new techniques with the camera or lighting in exchange for your time as a model, and you get some great photos at the end… a win, win!

Good luck with making your modeling profile look great!

If you are not yet a newcomer or a professional model member of our modeling community, why not join now, it’s free to create your profile and to start applying to model castings.

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